opinion: Cobourne should Start Against The Als

Now that I have your attention...

Is there anyone on here who does NOT think that Cobourne should start (or at least play) against the Alouettes next week - even if Walker is able to play?

It would be nice to see if Cobourne can make an impact with the hard-nosed 5-8 yard runs. BUT it all depends on whether the O-line is functioning properly. We might see Cobourne getting stuffed for 1 yard carries just like Walker. Cortez himself has no faith in his O-line as he demonstrated with his decisions in short yardage situations. Also In a post game interview he justified his choices by stating that he believed the line would not give the push required. That will give them some confidence for sure. :roll:


I say give Stephenson a chance for next game as a change-up or even as a two back set, which would be more difficult with Cobourne. If it works, then we go with it, and maybe even cut Cobourne - before we're on the hook for his entire year. If not, dress Cobourne for the rest of the season.

For those football nuts like me that are watching the Montreal and Emonton game watch a team that is using two backs
on the roster Boyd and Charles. What would happen with Colbourne and Walker? Earth to George .....................

Edmonton also starts eight non-imports, and has a lot of non-import backups. The second part allows them the flexibility to dress two import running backs. And the first part may allow them to play them together without affecting their offensive lineup much.

And starting two backs was useless for them tonight. Boyd did nothing but make mistakes and didn't play at all in the second half.

Hamilton started eight non-imports last night against Winnipeg too.

I would hope that a player who has been with a team for over two months would perform better than one that hasn’t been with his a week. Just because Edmonton didn’t have immediate success with the Boyd-Charles combo doesn’t mean they won’t later and doesn’t mean the Cats would suffer the same fate with a Walker-Cobourne tandem.

Agreed, but the original poster seemed to be lauding Edmonton for doing it. I was just pointing out that it's not like the Esks had some kind of offensive explosion with a two-back set.

Cortez himself has no faith in his O-line as he demonstrated with his decisions in short yardage situations. Also In a post game interview he justified his choices by stating that he believed the line would not give the push required

Well, I guess he called it like he saw it. What can you do. :?

Dyakowski, Hage, O'Neill, Giguere, Stala, Stephenson, Bucknor and ?



Absolutely the right decision from Cortez with the O-line not able to get a consistent push. It was a good pass play to call in that situation. Winnipeg's defender just made a great play.

In reality, you're right Wildcats. I hadn't noticed that Charbonneau-Campeau, a back-up on the Depth Chart, was on the field for the first offensive play of the game. But Stephenson, shown as a starter, was not. The point I was trying to make is that the Cats did not start 8 NIPs on offense as Blogsee claimed in his response to the comment, on Edmonton, by CatsFaninOttawa.

The title of this thread may actually turn out to be true as hip pointers are often nagging injuries which keep players out of action for quite some time. It will be interesting to see what Coach Cortez' chooses to do if Walker is out. I wouldn't be surprised if his pick is Rutley and maybe giving the ball to Stephenson more often. Likely even more interesting than his choice will be the comments that follow here, first when the choice is made and then following the game. Interesting week ahead for sure!

I wasn't really lauding Edmonton for employing Boyd. My point is that now would seem to be the obvious time to bring Cobourne into play. Teams are becoming more successful at containing Walker. He hasn't been able to run effectively between the tackles all season and defenses are swarming to the point of attack to contain him when he tries to run outside - that's what you do when a back is too elusive to bring down with one or two defenders. In addition, Walker may not be at 100% even if he is able to play and Cobourne won't need any additional incentive to play his best against the team that let him go.
The Ti-Cats cannot afford to lose three straight and fall further behind Montreal. The Als looked extremely sharp last night and this is "benchmark" game for the Ti-Cats if they have serious aspirations of winning the division. If there was ever a time to get Cobourne into action, establish a solid running game and take some pressure off Burris, it would seem to be NOW.

Great post, and I agree with you 100%, EXCEPT for the fact that we didn't 'let him go'. We made him an offer and guaranteed him the starter's job, but he went to Hamilton for the higher base pay. :slight_smile:

Semantics. When you fail to do whatever is necessary to keep a player, then, by definition, you are "letting him go". I do not disagree with Montreal's decision concerning Cobourne by the way.

No, different teams have different salary-cap issues and it's not just semantics. Letting Cobourne go implies we wanted to go in a different direction and didn't offer him a contract. In actuality, we wanted Avon back and we did give him a contract. Hamilton came in with a richer offer, that's all. Just because you value a player and think he is good, it doesn't mean you are willing to have him at any price. The SMS is a limiting factor.

I understand the issues related to Montreal's decision as it relates to the salary cap, and I understand why the decision was made and I agree with it. However, in the end, you are still just getting caught up in semantics.
"Letting him go" does not imply that the Als wanted to get rid of Cobourne or that they somehow "fired" him or did not appreciate his talents. It simply means that they chose not to take the steps necessary to keep him with the team and, in so doing, they simply "let him go" to another organization that gave him a better offer. Don't read something into the words that isn't there.

d&p has made it his mission to ensure that statements made by Ticat fans on the Ticat chat board never skew towards real or perceived favoritism of the Ticats at the expense of the Als. As for why this matters so much to him, I suppose only he knows for sure.