Opinion: Argos are FOLDING after this season.

Good luck with a 7 team CFL [maybe 6 teams if Montreal's attendance doesn't any get better] .

This should make some people very happy , including Mikem and a few others.

Be careful what some of you , wish for. You might get it. :wink:

Lets all cheer :thup:

We all know how sad this would be, no other comment needed. I don't see it

Is this a troll topic? :expressionless:

This poster is on drugs. Attendance was up for a third game in a row,on a long holiday weekend in 35 degree weather of all things. Argos are picking up 500 new paying customers every game.

Here's hoping that trend continues :thup:

This makes about as much sense as your last attempt at a headline grabbing thread asking if the Argos are the CFL's best team.

What's your topic for next week's National Enquirer thread? "Ricky Ray abducted by aliens during the bye week"?

Wasn't that RR coming out of the Mars spacecraft the other day? I think we're going to get HD photos from this mission soon so we should be able to verify if it was indeed RR or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought an official announcement was made after reading the subject heading.

Don't scare me like that SAF. :o

Is he a sad fan of the Argos, or a fan of the sad Argos?

Inquiring minds need to know... :wink:

Look who started it :roll:

The Argos will make at least $10 million in profits this season...and probably much more if the Grey Cup financing structure is similar to the 99th GC in Vancouver. Even without the Grey Cup financial windfall the Argos could very probably be near break even drawing 23,000 fans. This is many more fans than the Alouettes were drawing for 10 seasons of sellouts before they expanded their stadium and they were considered a miracle and model franchise.

Argos attendance is increasing and is averaging higher than for 10 other seasons over the past few decades. Sponsorship revenues are increasing; seasons ticket sales have dramatically increased; and the new TV contract should bring a considerable increase in revenue. With the tight cost controls in the CFL, the Argos are solid and in better financial shape than any time over the past 30 years. Happy times are here again! :thup:

So why would it make me happy?

It's guys like you that don't want to hear the bad news. My rants about Toronto are directed to Torontonians that won't support the CFL they won't come out even with a new QB and lot of hope for this year.
Just because Montreal's attendance is down for only one year doesn't mean that they are in trouble. Every team has their ups and downs in attendance and usually the records are to blame.
The problem with the Argos is the horribie attendance and losses year after year.
Even the TSN today in their article about the Lions game stated "a generously announced crowd of 22,000......)
in other words "are you kidding me there was nowhere near 22,000 in the stands...

This is a good article in the Huff Post which sums up the attitude in Toronto - (don't blame me I didn't write it)

[url=http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/kolby-solinsky/can-toronto-host-an-nfl-t_b_1254124.html]http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/kolby-soli ... 54124.html[/url]

I brought Toronto's announced attendance up in the attendance thread. Which i figured was the right thread . Somebody , (won't name names) threw a hissy fit and started calling peoples names. Was not interested in debating it. I see this morning the last page has been erased. It's nothing personal, people just want to see 30 000 ,REAL people in the seatsin Toronto. Just want a strong fan base in toronto and the city to care.

Where do you get your numbers? How could the Argos make $10 Million? Even Sask with 30k average in the stands and huge sales in merchandise, naming rights, corporate sponsorship form Mosaic earned $3.8m last year.
The signing of Ricky Ray was supposed to put more bums in seats but there has been no increase in attendance.
Season tickets "dramatically increased" yes when you go from 7k to 10k that is "dramatic" but hardly a revenue maker!!
Yesterday's "announced crowd" was 22k but probably no where near that. One of the problems in a big empty stadium is that there are thousands of cheap tickets for sale.

Your comment about "break even with 23,000" doesn't mean a thing. How much per seat $60? $100? $30
what about the Private Suites that sell for "thousands" or Box seats that sell for hundreds of dollars? do they sell many of them?
The Grey Cup is a good revenue maker but when the CFL takes their share, Rogers takes their share and the teams
take their share it's not the cash cow that you think.

I would love to see the Argos in Mississauga, when I drive past that city on the 403 I think wow, you see the skycrapers and futurisitic looking building and the sign that says population 750,000, the Argos would be a great fit their. But no one would be willing to invest in the Argos and build a stadium for them.

If sadargofan has his mail addressed as 'under the Gardiner Expressway', I think you have your answer.

Toronto needs a football stadium for any team any league. That's one reason why they had to give so many handouts for the Bills games even the mighty NFL where no one thought money was an issue or the stadium, everyone knows the RC isn't a good football stadium.

I just hope the Argos can hang in there until there are plans for Toronto to have a good football stadium, hopefully anyways.

Wasn't the Canada-USA Olympic soccer game on just before the Argo game? I don't want to make excuses for people not showing up, but that game was emotionally draining. Seriously. I just wanted to throw up and go back to bed after that. That last thing I wanted to watch was anything that messed with my emotions.

There was a whole bunch of tounge in cheek in that article.

Yeah, the reffing in that soccer game was atrocious, we were robbed. Ok, the goalie screwed up but they say that that 6 sec rule is hardly ever called. So why would someone call it then? :?

Hard to troll with bad bait!