opening of Investors Group Field delayed

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Investors Group Field won’t be ready until September at the earliest, and the price tag is going up.

The Winnipeg Football Club announced Wednesday their new, $190 million stadium will host its first CFL game on Friday, Sept. 21, against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

If construction goes smoothly, however, the University of Manitoba Bisons could open the facility on Saturday, Sept. 8, versus the Saskatchewan Huskies. The Banjo Bowl, between the Bombers and Saskatchewan Roughriders, would be played the next day.

The Bombers had hoped to be in their new park for their home opener on July 26. Instead, they will play four or five regular-season games at 59-year-old Canad Inns Stadium. Season ticket holders will get their old seats back and will pay 2011 prices for all games at the Polo Park location.

Meanwhile, the Bombers are spending an additional $3 million from their own cash reserves to pay for upgrades to the video scoreboards, two ribbon boards and concession stands at Investors Group Field. Perhaps it’s an “I’m sorry? to the fans for prematurely jumping the gun on the start date, but no one is about to apologize. Instead, Winnipeg’s mild winter and its accompanying winds are to blame for the construction delay.

Stuart Olson Dominion, the company overseeing the project, was unable to operate its cranes during the winter when winds were greater than 32 km/h. That resulted in 60 lost days of work.

“Safety is my primary responsibility, ensuring that everyone goes home each and every night, and then it’s followed by quality and schedule,? project manager Mike Clynes said.

Winnipeg Football Club COO Jim Bell, who was president and CEO last year, still has no qualms about about proclaiming last year’s East Division final as the last game at Canad Inns Stadium. The project was 9% ahead of schedule on Dec. 1.

“Do I regret it? No. Not at all,? Bell said. “Because at the time, based on the information that we had, we were optimistic that we were going to be in at the beginning of this year.?

well, so much for my planned trip to the Peg to take in a game against the Ticats in August.
if i go anywhere now, it will be vancouver to see the riders and lions that same week.
next year, winnipeg, next year.

Oh, there is an accompanying video in the link above.

He's absolutely right. Nothing is worth putting safety at risk.

Good to read the bombers are adding electronic ribbons and better concessions while they're at it. Should look amazing on opening day.

ROAD trip to Winnipeg some times after it opens. :thup:

...They might have known windy days would be a factor in the Peg...Don't they ever watch games at Canadinns???? Best video screens in North America for a football venue are being installed at Investors Field :thup: :thup: ...Only the cowboys compare in the excited states :wink:

Doesn't the new B.C. PLACE have a big screen too...? :wink:

Apparently REALLY delayed…

There will be no mid-season switch for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Moving into their new stadium will have to wait another year.

The CFL team announced Friday it will play the entire 2012 season at aging Canad Inns Stadium instead of relocating in September to the Investors Group Field being built on the University of Manitoba campus.

Blue Bomber officials said the reason for their decision had to do with weather-related delays.

Buchko added that the new facility would be ready for the opening of the 2013 CFL season.
I would hope so.... :lol:

Now that they have everyone's deposits, they let the news out :wink:

LOL…over 22,500 ‘deposits’ as of yesterday…Should be darn close to a sell out all season…

Its an old business rule: Hang on to the money...

That is sad... NO new stadium opening for WINNIPEG at all in , 2012 :thdn: :x

What do you mean deposits? Season tickets are paid in full by now. :wink:

And the difference in ticket prices will be dealt with the same way they did for the first 4 games - either a refund or a credit for next season if your tickets were more expensive for IGF or you'll have to pay extra if your Canad Inns Stadium seats cost more.

This thing has been a total boondoggle. A year behind schedule? No excuse for that. And its also rather obvious they (Bomber management) have known about this for a long time now. :thdn:

The best part about this whole story is that the Bombers have to play their first four games on the road for absolutely no reason now. You just gotta love that. At least this will give Bummer fans a built in excuse when they get off to a lousy start to the season. :lol:

......and looking ahead it looks like the kitty cats might be using that same excuse, for all of their losses, after they vacate IWS and become the nomads of the CFL :lol:

Not a shocker!!

how's the riders new stadium doing? oh right its not so perhaps grow up.

dunno if construction happens in regina but.. when,if,if,IF IF almost a HUGE IF you ever build a new one.. LOL, but you guys wont anytime soon so its pointless.

Priceless. Thanks for the 5 bucks. When I saw Killer was the last one to post and before I even opened this thread I bet a colleague at work that he/she/it would be asking about the Rider stadium.

Okay Wingnut. Logic time, I know this will hurt your brain, but let's try it anyways. You know some times it's good to stop and think, before u post. Try it some time. The subject heading is and I Quote "opening of investors group field delayed" and my response is "not a shocker". Now why would u bring up the new stadium in Regina!

Investors field has been delayed least once before and now this announcement, it is "not a shocker" as I stated. If they came out the first time and stated that the delay would be to 2013 while selling season tickets based on last years announcement of opening by or before labour day 2012, fans would be ticked off. So to easy the pain they did it in 2 or 3 parts. It happens all the time and shouldn't shock you. They will always be overly optimistic when people are dishing out money.

So Wingnut, "not a shocker" was not an insult to your fine stadium. As I posted on your bomber site, please look this up, " it's better to wait to 2013 and get it right and not rush the stadium into service". Now I could make a Wingnut like statement .... Say... "Bomber fans are good at waiting, they have been waiting since the last Millennium for a GC win" but I can't stand the thought of going to your level. According to you that is stating an opinion, while I called it a disrespectful. Okay do u just understand what just posted in the last sentence or will I have to look forward to one of your comments that make no sense?