opening night 40,000

heard today on cknw by Rick Dhaliwal that the Lions already have close to 30.000 sold for opening night,
He is predicting 40,000

And that the lions are expecting probably
30,000 for there Pre Season game against Calgary.

Thats Great News!!
Way to go Lions fans!!

Yeah that would be sweet
hey dupsell do you post at

The Lions couldn’t ask for a better rival for their home opener than the Riders but to hit 40,000 it will take both teams to play well in week one, especially to get a large contingent of green faithful out.

40,000 plus for the Home Opener is fantastic...and as far as the Riders fans are concerned...there will be plenty of those green-headed monsters taking up space! :twisted:

40,000 people for the home opener would be good news.Realistically,I am predicting 33,000-35,000.Remember,the lower bowl holds 27,000 people.Thursday's attendence was announced as 26,000 and change,although it appeared as half that many people were in attendence.I do hope the Lions hit 40,000 and win the Grey Cup this year.Optimistic as ever for the Lions.

I think we’ll get about 38,000. Last year was 32,893 for the opener against Edmonton. They have higher than ever season ticket numbers (at least in the last decade), and BC place’s 25th and people knowing now its not gonna be demolished and actually have a new roof on it in a few years. I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually is around 42,000.

I dont think theyll sell to many more after that effort tonight in Calgary.

Whats the word on tickets sold now?

CKNW just reported today at noon that the Lions are expecting a crowd of 40,000 for the home opener Friday night.

Whats the update on the ticket sales?

Are you guys talking about the game that is on right now?

I'm watching it on TSN, and the attendance looks awful. :frowning:

Uhhhhh Lions fans where are you?????

Opening night at home against your most hated rival??????

and your building is empty what gives????????

Looks a bit fuller now than at the start of the game.

I think they kicked off too soon at BC place. TV audience missed some plays because the game in MTL was slow to get going and thus slightly late to finish, fans at BC place missed some plays while still trying to get to their chairs.

33813 attendance

Not 40,000 but still the largest crowd this year in the CFL.

If the numbers were in, they should've lifted the blackout! I regret not going to the game. Heard it was a bit of a dog? Anyone go or hear any different?

Bombers this Friday on the road. I'll have a few pints and kick back in New West. Lions should win, less pressure this week.