Opening game June 16th

I'm glad to say i will be there for the season opening kick off. My wife manage to get me good tickets, close to the field. Any regular here who want to met us, it will be my pleasure :slight_smile:

Were will you be sitting ?

I'm section Y, row 15.

Can't miss me, I'll be wearing my #38 (Strickland) alternate game worn jersey.

We might go to Coasters after the game, and if were lucky like last year, some players will probably join us (especially Durden) since it will be his 1st visit to Mtl after being traded to EDM.

I think we are in section x. I got my tickets by a friend who buy season tickets with a couple of friends. So basically i'll be in my mate seat(I'm very gratefull that he gave us 1st choice).

I'll wear my Heppel jersey #33. Hope to see ya there !

Have a great time UH!

Just looked at the schedule what is with the Thursday games. I'am going to be getting satellite coverage of teh game, and that only means one thing "It's Miller time." If i get a DUI i'am going to blame it on the CFL.