Opening Day of Camp...

Who's going on Sunday?

Really recommend you check it out if you've never been...

I've been to opening day the last few's fun to watch and really gets you pumped up for the season!

Kubie, I hope you'll give us reports. I love reading them.

You know I will, Dan... :thup:


Another thing, Kubie or any other fan, I'm thinking this might be the year I'm coming to a Bomber home game. Any suggestions on what might be best time of year... hotels ? Any thing would be helpful, Thanks.

Friday night summer games are my favorite..

There are a number of hotels in the area...Canadinns Polo Park and the Clarion are both within walking distance to shopping and the Stadium.

Make sure to give me a heads-up...we'll have a beer somewhere before the game!

....Grab a place to stay out towards the airport Dan......The banjo bowl is a good game to attend....Get your tix early..(just out of curiosity ...why??? choose this year, when you could get to see the bluengold in the new digs next.... :roll: i know none of my business...guess any time is great to see your fav. team :thup: :rockin:)

I'm really looking forward to getting my first look at Damian Sherman...

....looking forward to your expert analysis kubie :thup: Sherman sounds like a 'tank' with some speed and good hands...I think we've found another good one :roll:

He does sound like a keeper…always good when they keep talking about you in Rookie camp…

Thanks for the info, guys! How far away is the airport from the stadium and wouldn't it be easier closer to Canadinns in case I wish to imbibe. No problem Papa... I want to experience a game in the old stadium, the one I've seen on TV for well over 30 yrs. If and when I do that, then next year I'll come again to see them in the new venue.

And yes Kubie, I remember talking about getting together for a pop. I will let you know and I'm buying!!!!!

Hmmm, sounds like you two are going to need a moderator and I just happen to know one about 15 rows up from kubie. :wink:

LOL...Pigseye, my old wouldn't be the same without ya...

Will be there.

Crap...might have to wait on that...Sherman didn't practice on Friday. Hope it's not too serious...

Be sure to give us a recap of Day 1 Kubie et al.

Sherman....tank... Hummmm sounds fimilliar somehow. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Looking forward to the reports.

There was a crowd of a few thousand out to take in the opening day of camp. It was obviously appreciated by the players and coaches, Lapo even addressed the crowd for a few minutes before practice began. Well done Bomber fans!

Gotta be brief for now so I'll just mention a few things that stood out for me...

NI Receivers. Can NOT believe in one short off-season we went from Brock Ralph to THIS. Kito Poblah stood out among the receivers, if not the entire team, drawing several rounds of applause from the crowd for catches along the side lines and poppin' DBs afterwards. He seems well worth next years first round pick. McKoy, Watson and Hargs all looked good too. Etienne looked like a 21 yo out there. Made some nice catches, but also seemed really nervous. Things are really looking up at NI Receiver

Clint Kent and Jovon each had nice picks...

Carr, Harris and TE all looked ready to go. Unfortunately for me, the one guy I most wanted to see, Darian Sherman, didn't practice. Hopefully he can resume soon. He and Carr tower over the other Import receivers.

RB...Both Garrett and Reid had good days. Garrett might have Reid starting to look over his shoulder...

It was nice to see Glen January back on the field...

Buck and Elliott both looked pretty sharp. Brink, not so much...was off target a lot, and threw a couple of passes that would have had his receivers killed had this been a real game. Goltz was ok.

Muamba was ok....but the only time I heard his name called by the coaches was for not being on the field when his special teams unit was on...oops...

Nice of Odell Willis to come up into the stands after practice and shake hands and thank people for coming out.

Thanks for that Kubie. That's great about the turn out. Mother nature must be a fan of Winnipeg sports - it was supposed to rain on Tuesday but didn't so outdoor celebrators didn't get rained on and today's forecast had been rain and thunder showers IIRC and instead it turned out to be a really nice day.

You're update has me even more excited about the season.

What was it like with the defence? On the TSN pre-season show, Milt was saying that DB is "disgruntled" and doesn't like going with a 3-4 defence because it puts more pressure on him but being the professional that he is he will go out there and do what he's told. Any indication he wasn't too fond of the 3-4?

.....maybe Milt was referring to Derrick Brown as being disgruntled...not Doug :lol: ...c'mon Milt how many years have you be playing with Doug Brown ....It's Doug NOT Derrick....Uncle Milty must be getting old....Anyway Milt seems to think the Bombers will be a force if Pierce stays healthy BUT he was hedging his bets on Buck being healthy for all 18 games...He might fool ya uh i mean Milt.....Not much of a preview on the BluenGold that was worth much...This team is going to be under rated right from the start....I like it cuz there's gonna be a very tough football team fielded in 2011 by the Bombers....Can't wait.. :rockin: Thanx for the tc run-down Kubie :thup: