Opening Day Attendance

How many Argo Fans do you think will be at the Dome for opening day??

Hopefully over 30,000

i believe because they are unveiling grey cup banner they will get over 25 at least …30 00 would be better

I heard they were epecting 40 000 but seeing as it’s Toronto it’ll probably be more like 4000

I heard that too :smiley: …and Jeremy there are some real jerks at this site like AL MOSON and some others…don’t let them bug you , I always fight back.It is up to you what you do…but don’t let them distory your enjoyment here…o.k…they are just internet bullies and can never admit when they are wrong… :smiley:

I heard that over 40,000 were expected at The ARGOS opening Day. That would be awesome. With all those people, it would be a football atmosphere.

Just as long as they do the Banner unveiling, when I’m home, so that I can watch the game. That will be great…

I would say…38,000+

we had 37,000 at the pre season game at commonwealth! not bad eh! Go CFL!

go for you…you always lead in attendence…but now you are the only game in town. :wink: