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the "real/true" fans on this site have to realize that yes maybe were cynical and negative on this board at times and much of the criticism aimed at the negativity might be right if this was one or two years of losing....but unfortunately its been a long 4-5 years with one boneheaded excuse after another. i dont know all the answers to why were losing but i dont get paid to figure them out so i think us fans have earned a little room to b*tch and complain. lets face it the tiger cats are an embarrasment and i refuse to look at this organization with rosy colored glasses that everyone wants to jam down our throats. let freaking win and bring some pride back to hamilton.

And three practices since the last game hardly inspire any confidence or hope about the Calgary game. Printers can’t do it all. We can’t expect much more from him than we got last week. The rest of the team has not improved one bit since the beginning of the season other than some strong individual performances.
The Printers signing should have been the start of some major changes, including two of the coaches but so far its been (sub-standard) business as usual. Maybe when Jesse and Armstead are back it might help Printers a but but when they were in before we still lost. Whats wrong with this team will need more than a few player changes to fix.

As casey stengall said"you can look it up".when i predicted a 2-16 season in feburary who knew that would be overly optomistic.a recap ,year one and the gang that couldn't coach straight.greg marshall 0-3 at western and abust here ,coincidence, i think not.year 3 wewilltry .sure? year 4 wholesale changes but lets squeeze those nickels the team below the cap and under the mendoza line.year 5 brave talk from caretaker but still nowhere near the playoffs.

Little early to be drinking don't you think.

Folks, in the Undertaker Era this franchise has a .295 winning percentage. That's disgraceful; I challenge anyone to find a worse four-year stretch in professional football.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1976 0 14 0 5th AFC West --
1977 2 12 0 5th NFC Central --
1978 5 11 0 5th NFC Central --
1979 10 6 0 -- made the NFC final, losing to Dallas

17-42 (.246) for starters.

You're welcome. LMAO

OSki Wee Wee,

Undertaker Era!

To answer your question, read this thread from last year --

Two points to add as well.

  1. NFL plays 2 less games so it's difficult to compare by winning percentages when the schedules aren't balances. Essentially, bad teams have 2 less games (in the NFL) in which there was a very high percentage they would.
  2. How can you measure a 4 year period when the 4th year hasn't finished.

Houston Oilers

1970: 3-10-1
1971: 4-9-1
1972: 1-13
1973: 1-13

Totals 9-45-2, .179 winning percentage


[url=] ... ilers.html[/url]

I haven't even tried the Cardinals... :wink:

We're bad, but NOT THAT BAD. :wink:

For your further edification:

[url=] ... worst.html[/url]

Oski Wee Wee,

For more on the 1976 Tampa Bay Bucs -- the WORST TEAM IN NFL HISTORY, check out this link:

The Bucs stop here
How bad were the 1976 Bucs? The numbers don't lie:

Stat Bucs Opp.
Points 125 410
FDs 191 283
Yards 3,006 4,801
TDs 15 50
INT+Fum 37 28
Shutout 5 0

They were shut out FIVE times...

Oski Wee Wee,

im confused are you refuting how bad our organization has been the last four years by bringing up team from the 70's???? or are you just saying that we have company?

Couldn't resist wading into a Cards stretch... LOL

1945 NFL Chicago Cardinals 1-9-0
1944 NFL Chi/Pit Cards/Steelers 0-10-0
1943 NFL Chicago Cardinals 0-10-0
1942 NFL Chicago Cardinals 3-8-0

Including the one wartime merger year with the Steelers, the Chicago Cardinals went 4-37 between 1942 and 1945, a .098 winning percentage. In terms of a four-season run, that's pretty much the bottom of the barrel.

Of course the entire NFL was affected by a weaker talent pool during WWII, but the Cards were hit particularly hard.

For more NFL all-time franchise records, check out .

Oski Wee Wee,

Actually, MTL_NDG challenged anyone to find a worse four-year stretch in pro football that our record in the Bob Young-era to date, and I just found three. The thread at ... ic&t=20886 cited above covers the CFL side of this question fairly well (there have been worse stretches).

We are in plenty of ignominious company.

Oski Wee Wee,

Regardless i think the point is we are pretty pathetic right now. but good for you for finding worse teams! we will all sleep better at night knowing we arent the worst ever.

actullay.292 in the new era.Thank you true believers by saying it could always be worse. by the way what time are you true believers holding your next flat eatrh meeting.

I won't touch #2, which is a vaild point.

However, a winning percentage is a winning percentage is a... LOL It is the only valid measure across leagues and eras. It is important to contextualize things, but what is clear is that teams below .250 winning percentage share one thing in such comparisons: THEY STINK. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

That's not very charitable! If the tie in 2004 counts for half a win, our record is .300.

Put it into perspective - That would be a great average if you were a ball player. It'd even be an okay 3 point % in basketball. And it would be an awesome shooting % in the NHL. Maybe the Cats are just involved in the wrong sport. :slight_smile:

Try being Tigercats Fan and Detroit Lions Fan.
Last year was Hell Both where losing
This year has been Bit bright for the Lions.
But not for Beloved Tabbies.

Things can only get better from here

As a Ticat-Raider fan, I hear you, Tom.. LMAO