Open up the End Zones! Are we gonna make 60,000 or not?

We just heard bt somebody here that Bob Ackles was on CKNW with Jim Mullun and said that there are only 33,000 + sold as of this morning, this is kind of hard to belive with the visitors side in the upper deck full as it is. and the home side too, he said thier goal is a pack house, i personly do not think this will happen unless they hit 40,000 by sat.i say until they open up more sections tickets are not going to move anymore, if ticket sales stay like this i say they will get close to 55,000 for sask close to 50,000 for calgary. but if we do get 40,000 by sat then yes we probrbly will sell it out as long as we play Sask.

This is a record breaking year, and i think a lot of Calgary fans would make the trip if they make it, espescially if they upset Sask. See neither of those WF's were we defending the Grey Cup either, and BC has never had a repeat. Sold out BC Place, and i know at least 10 people who are going that didn't go ever before, and we don't even know whose playing yet. I think we'll do it.

Just hopefully people don't cheer during offensive drives like the last game, bunch of door knobs.

Sales are well ahead of last year (33,000 vs 28,000). Over the last 12 days before the game last year, we averaged 2150 sales per day. We have 13 days to go now so plenty of time to fill up the dome.

Sales will also pick up once the opponent is known and end zones open (only seats in the upper nose bleeds are available now and I'm sure some folks are waiting for something lower down).

Ok 54291 and it turns into 54292 cause some women gives birth at the game. So I guess 1 non paid in attendance.

lol thats great!

when are they opening the Endzones ?

They probebly are waiting till everything is full on the sidelines, i bet you they will not open it until this weekend

They could be selling more tickets right now. A lot more. Instead they wanna sell every single last $ 36 ticket. Why not open the endzones now and let the tickets fly?

Not everyone wants to be up in the nosebleeds. I mean right now they're selling Row ZZ. You can't go higher than Row ZZ! Some people don't mind the corners or the endzones.

I guess the Lions don't feel the demand is there, and mabey it isn't.

This conservative approach doesn't make any sense.

budy they know what they r doing. They sold the tickets the same way last year and sold 50 000 and they r ahead of last years tickets sales as of today

I think they only know how many are sold and they have a number when they will open up the $29.00 seats, they do know what they are doing, and i think they will have close to 40,000 sold by Sat and then they will open up the $29.00 seats at the latest, i hoenstly think if they open up that section to early they will not sell the middle sections out. And db120 how do you know that the middles sections are up in the zz rows only? they might not be they could only be half sold.

Don't worry when Bob Ackles said yesturday they want to sell it out they will.

With the game 12 days away, the Lions are somewhat lying low and getting ready for a big push starting this weekend. Good sales up to this point is a part of it but I also believe Ackles doesn't want to take some of the spotlight away from the Whitecaps who will have their biggest game in over 20 years on Wednesday night and would love to get 50,000 at the dome.

It a huge couple of days for soccer in the Lower Mainland and Ackles knows it.

When Ackles was on NW yesterday he said he always sends the Lions schedule out to the Canucks, Whitecaps and Giants as a courtesy. I could tell he was a little choked the Canucks are playing at 5 p.m. on the same day as the Western Final but they likely don't care given every game is sold out anyways.
It ultimately won't hurt the Lions at the gate but I'm sure Ackles would have at least appreciated a regular 7 p.m. start time at GM Place.

miles 9 i agree with everything you said, Bob Ackles is going to waite till the Soccer game is over, i never thought of that, that does make sense. and then after that he will open up all sections/. And i agree they do not have to worry about the Canucks that is not going to hurt them at all. thank god they are playing at 5:00 pm, what if they were at 2;00 pm? then i think there might have been a little effect on them, i do know a lot of people who are going to both games, so at least that works out. I still think we are going to sell it out and infact i think we will sell it out by the Sat before the game exspecally if it is Sask. Because i think we are very close to 40,000 and they are advertising this game 5-8 time already on team 1040, as i remember last year there was no adverising about it until 4-5 days before the if they keep that up they will be fine.

Be interesting to see who outdraws who, Beckham outdraws the Western Final or vice versa

The Lions should win this one although the Caps have sold 2,000 tickets since yesterday. Would be nice to see them get close to 50,000 Great to see them getting huge coverage for the game too.

This is an important few days for soccer in this town with the Whitecaps trying to get the green light on their new stadium and a future MLS team too. Ackles is making sure the Whitecaps have the stage all to themselves before the WF hype really begins.

Beckham is getting the attention, not the Whitecaps players

nice to see Cobi Jones and Landon Donovan will be playing

The lions are going to sell out Bc Place, Beckham will not because he is only one player and past his prime. Now if it was two english # 1 division club teams with Beckham on it, then they would pack bc place to the rafters. The lions are our local club that is very popular.

If the Lions wanna sell out, they'd better get going cause they're running out of time. The Lions are not in business to help the Whitecaps sell tickets. They should just get on with it now and open the Sections now.

Every day they wait like this is costing them ticket sales.

Anybody hear any (reliable) updates on current ticket sales?

How many days notice do the Lions have to give BC Place Stadium to open up another zone of seating?

On the news today they said they were expecting 40,000 plus for that soccer game . If that's so then Beckham just isn't that popular around here as is suggested and the Lions out draw him . I hope that pans out.