Open up the End Zones! Are we gonna make 60,000 or not?

Come on Lions, open up the End Zones! We wanna make 60,000 but we can't with 40 Upper Sections closed off!

never mind this policy of selling every last seat in the Lower Bowl! Nonsense! Some people like the Uppers for the better view of the field and $ 29 is reasonable

I don't like what I'm seeing on RiderFans with them poking fun at us for only selling 35,000. We have 15 times Regina's population....

I want to bring back the energy of 1983 and 1985!!!

I'm waiting....

Man the game is over 2 weeks away stop stressin! if the riders make the west final this game will sell out no problem, way more hype this year then last and they sold over 50 000 last year. Also with the canucks doing so shitty i am sure will only help

35,000 is still more than what the Riders can get at their game. I'm sure they will say they would sell out a 60,000 seat stadium if they had one.

I agree this year is diffrent, the attendance at the lions games have been building over the last 3 games or so, this team this year team seems way more popular than last year. I don't know what it is maybe because of all the records we are setting, we could win 14 games, (club record) joe smith setting a cfl record for touch downs, Geory passing mervin fernandeze for all time receptions.if this all happends sat night which i am very confident it will,winning back to back grey cups, man oh man this team is going to be very popular next year not as much as the canucks but very close. i say they will get close to 27,000 season ticket holders, excpeally if JJ win's us the grey cup. Wally better not do anything stupid like putting DD in for the grey cup when he has not played all yaer, but i think he has learned his lession. So he won't.

Boy that riderfans site is pretty funny. I read a post from some knobs who said something about noise being pumped in and other good stuff. Talk about blind accusations to make themselves feel better. There was a comment from some knob in particular going on about Lions fans making no noise and sipping their cappucinos and talking about hair products etc etc ( Iguess its a good day for some of em if they take their hat off and wash their mullets with actual shampoo...maybe this is the "hair product" of which they speak). Talk about someone having a bad experience on Davie street or what. They sound like Americans with their mindless, uninformed assumptions about things like igloos and lumberjacks etc. Maybe I should go over there and ask how many of em have more tractors than teeth, but i wont as fun as that bee stiring will be. Heres a news flash..Ill be sitting there in orange with more than a few drops of beer spilled on me, yelling my head of with my very very short hair (I guess the hair products comment doesnt work there). Ill also be the guy the next day (with many others) who have lost their voice from the game.

Oh I hope someone comes over to ask about my hair products, Ill find a good home for them thunder sticks!

I guess it's not possible for Lions fans to make that much noise so it must be pumped in because Lions fans all smoke the funny stuff and are too laid back to make noise.

It will be the 30,000 Riders fans that will be making the noise unbearable in the Dome or will it be the Stamps fans making the noise? We'll have to see.

On that riderfans site they sure do like to fully live up to their stereotype , don't they ? That does seem to be one of their favourite topics over there . Sounds like much crying over a couple of lost WDFs to me , though. Hopefully that tradition can be carried on.

yes but in general, Lions fans are not really that noisy, not like Seahawks fans.

how about them argos, ehh

Maybe in the last couple years since the fans and new fans been coming. But compare the 80's when people knew when to cheer at BC Place to the Seahawks, i laugh at the seahawks.

Chill dude. Do you think opening the end zones is going to suddenly make people rush out and buy tickets? Ticket sales are going well and I think the Lions have the right strategy for opening seats (althought I think they could do more promotion).

we are still more than 2 weeks from the game so we don't need to promote too much right now only the die hards who will know when the game is will want tickets this early

yes it will move things along... first off, all that's available at this point is high up in the nosebleeds... there's a whole pile of end zones sections they have to fill starting at the bottom row

nice to see Toronto get the EF and 55,000

Up until tonight, they have had one more home game to sell tickets for. All the focus will be selling WF tickets starting tomorrow.

And opening different sections is smart strategy. It not only creates some urgency to buy tickets early but they can put out press releases about how well tickets are selling and more sections are opening based on demand.

It was hella loud the last western final, and there was no where near 30000 rider fans, not even remotely close.

I agree 100% with MrB, it is a decent strategy and you wait until tomorrow, then you will see an advertising blitz begin.

PS... Nice to see TO handing Sask their own ass ahead of the WCS-F. Hopefully it will ignite Sask in the S-F as I would much rather see Sask here for the Final rather than Cal. It will be a much better game with more fans and a better rivalry. And we already get to see BC smoke Calgary tonght anyway!

How many fans do ya think they'll get in Toronto for the East Final? Beat our count?

44532... BC will get 47891

well get more than 47891 thats 5,000 less than last year about

last year's WF was 50,084. 2005 WF was 37,337. 2004 WF was 55,000