Open tryout

What are the chances of a player making the roster fron the open tryout?

Better than you might believe. There are usually a couple players a year that make clubs thanks to an open tryout and generally each team has 2-5 players at training camp from open tryouts.

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Als first open tryout was held today. Any leak from the team regarding number of players at this camp? Seems odd that the Als go in Feb. while the rest of the league holds tryouts at the end of March and into April.

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I think it is smart. This way you go in to FA with better knowledge of what you need or don't need. Let's say the Als are in need of a MLB and can find someone they are happy with at an open camp, then there is no need to "buy" the talent in FA.

Most of the NFL teams don't happen to start loading up their training camp rosters until the week following the NFL draft so these players that are attending a Feb. CFL tryout might be hesitant to sign and try to wait for perhaps an offer to an NFL camp.

One thing is you might get a first crack at a few players that otherwise might have other camps in mind but it just doesn't add up for me. I would think these scouts would be better served to go back and review their tape from the senior/all star bowls.

From Herb's Sunday article in the MTL Gazette

Desjardins said the Orlando camp was a success. Between six and 10 players will be offered contracts to training camp, he added.