open season on free agents

just wondering when free agency really begins. i hope the bomber brass has sharpened all their pencils. they will need them.

i wish i knew who would be available after the season so i could start thinking about how disappointed i will be when we don't sign any of them.

McGarity's available.

you are quite the funny man aren't you?

....get out all of that cash that you been hoarding away Bauer....the fans in WPG. would like to see it spent on some quality players....from what I've heard the Bombers have enough to sign Printers.....and then up the vault boys....I think were due to start some serious spending ....get ready for a FA. BLITZ..... :slight_smile:

You dont think Glen's good enough?

printers and maas are dramatically better than glenn.(even wynn may be() having said that... glenn is not why we suck. he has not been the reason for our losses although he may have contributed on occasion. would i like someone better? yes but i think spending should be prioritized on our weaker areas. ie. seconday and coaching and lbs. although if you are considering this as a business you want seats full and a big qb signing looks good.

.....We'd be happy to take Stegall and Ryan off your hands......

......seriously though, money does not alone buy a gaggle of FA's.......most FA's these days are getting picky about the organization itself and not just the money......Copeland was very clear that one of the reasons for coming here was that he saw the new Owners had a plan and he wanted to be part of that, there was no way he would have come to Calgary had the F Troop still been in charge of the fort.......

........can you attract talent with Daley and Taman still around?.....

...don't count on them being around after the end of the season .... Daley or Taman...the vulchers are already circling.....and as far as money goes.....I think it speaks for itself....and after we clean house....who knows what players... would see that as an attractive situation....fresh start more cash... a coach they could actually play for......sounds good to me... :wink:

Why wait for the off-season to get free agents? You can already get:

  • Khari Jones (QB)
  • Timmy Chang (QB)
  • Mark Megna (DE or LB)
  • Dave Hack (OT)
  • Frank Cutolo (WR)
  • Tim Giligan (WR)
  • Da'Shann Austin (CB)
  • John Turntine (DL or LB)
  • err... Brock Lesnar (DT) !... Didn't you guys want him last year?

......brock lesnar........hardy har har......

so i take it no one knows when the contract is considered done... is it after the gc or ???

I think it's around the end of January, start of February.... but I really don't know for sure.

It's always around February 15.

I Think he’d flunk the drug test for steroids…Do ya think?

Maybe he would, but I wouldn't want to be the one telling him...

FA'S ...aren't available till the middle of FEB. 06......but of course some deals can be completed behind the scenes earlier....see Jason Maas to Ham......and if anyone dosen't think that isn't a done deal.....well quite're dreaming....also your list... Third ...contains a lot of deadwood....which we aren't interested in signing anymore....maybe the AL'S would see somebody of interest on that list.... :lol:

I heard on the radio this morning there is a strong possiblity that the Bombers will be owned privately in the New Year making way for a house cleaning. David Asper keeps coming up in the conversation.

Around Feb 15

...Asper's are definitely interested....maybe a long way off....but ya never know...

But Maas, if he comes to Hamilton, is not a free agent deal, that’s a trade of a player under contract. Nothing needs to be “under the table,” although it is so that the Esks can keep Maas until the end of the year.

As for the list, I heard Dave Hack is waiting until the end of the season to join the free agent market. If he plays a couple of games for the one team that needs him now, they’ll hold his option next year, and he won’t be able to sign for what he’s worth.

He’s a great player, though, and would be an asset to any team and to their community.