Open Season on Durant

Why don't the Riders get the calls on the field when our opposition goes head hunting on our QB? That head shot on DD by Isaac was brutal and no flag. The League will review - my problem is why aren't the on-field officials calling these dangerous infractions? One play later DD is face-masked and again no call. Gauranteed if that was AC or Ricky Ray it would be a different story. In my opinion the inconsistency of reffing in this league is taking away from the game and the penalties deemed out as an after thought do not deter this type of head-hunting activity.

I agree with this, but it isn't just Durant. Buck Pierce has taken his fair share of head shots that haven't been called. I think this has to do with certain QB's being listed as mobile QB's, compared to pocket passers. To me all the QB's who are pocket passers, get way more calls on high hits and roughing the passer calls compared to the mobile QB's. I think the refs get it in their heads that these QB's are mobile and should be able to avoid the contact, which isn't the case. And I know DD has been trying to be a pocket passer since his hip injury, but he is still labeled as a mobile QB.

Now all of this is just my opinion, but it honestly seems like it happens that way in the CFL, which is BS. It also happens in the NFL with a guy like Vick, who basically is a RB who can throw(sometimes), but it seems teams can do a lot more to him, then to say Tom Brady.

Yes agree.

Kory Sheets let loose after the game. He called the league out on it and I won;t be surprised if he gets a fine.

Coach took the high road. Said a few things but certainly will not be fined.

I think Taman has to step out and give the media some tough statements, and take a fine. The high raod is very honourable…but the team has money and they need to send a message to the league and the refs. Say something offside and know the fine is coming?

The league will review the hit and Isaac will get fined, no doubt. How they missed this call is beyond me.

But can our O-line steup and protect DD. Three man rush and he’s running. I predict Picard will go in the off-season. He’s missing alot of blocks up the middle, he’s our oldest O-lineman and is also getting paid $150,000? The Riders have an excess Cdn lineman in Heenan…I predict Heenan or Chris Best might be looking at centre next season. Or Alex Krausnick Grohe will be waiting in the wings…but I think Best is guy to move into the middle. Just my two cents on that

Actually what gets me the most is some of the very poor calls we've had for roughing the passer. Odell Willis come to mind, he's had some roughing the passer (and late hit) calls go against him with very minimal contact. I didn't complain then because if that's the way the refs see it then so be it, just get it straight and keep it consistent.

This was painfully obvious, yet no call? Repeat offender but yet no call? It really is mind boggling.

Whatever... it is getting harder and harder to get excited about the CFL when things like this happen. The hit on Buck was just as brutal and was deserving of a suspension as well.

If the league does not issue a suspension I for one will be very very disappointed. If one of our players was taking these kind of shots on opposing QB's I would hope the guy gets cut period. Get out of dodge you're not needed here.

yes it's football, yes it's a rough sport, yes there are rules to follow and last but not least yes the rules apply to all the teams. Seems to me 3 teams have 1 set of rules and the rest of the teams have another.

The league lowered the boom on Isaac - suspended for 1 meaningless game. A golden opportunity to rest up for the playoffs.
So what about the reffing crew? Are they chastised by the league? Every member of that crew did not see fit to throw the flag - why is that? If they didn’t see it then they should be referring lawn bowling and not professional football.

hi everyone, im from the UK and ive caught the rider bug BIG TIME, i was at the game on the weekend and i dont know how the refs didnt see the hit on DD about 30,000 peeps did and the face mask too, i saw chamberlin tellin the refs to look up at the scoreboard for the replays , if they missed something like that the coach should be able to challenge something like that and get him to review it.It was stupid!! !!!!! GO RIDERS !!!!!!

Welcome aboard undertaker. The thing I love about the CFL is that it is a league that players don’t make a lot of money playing but play because they love the game. Most these guys when their career is over, and it happens monthly with players being cut, go on and teach or become joe average like the fans.

I find it hard as a fan to watch these guys play and yet have such poor officiating. A habitable cheap shot artist like Isaac, who refuses to apologize for these hits, will shorten the career of a number of these players. Buck Pierce is a good example. He plays to the edge and has paid for it. DD is a bit more conservative but there is NO excuse to make that type of hit when a clean hit will have the exact same result! Essentially he knows DD is going to complete the pass and take the hit in order to win the game. So instead of a clean hit, which he has been taught to give since high school, he decides to try and knock out the guy for the season. Much like he did to Pierce last year. These are guys with families and the main income earners in what is typically a very short career. The new research on concussions and what it does to these guys later in life is just brutual. No way my boys will play football. No way I want my kids playing when there is such poor officiating and frankly protection of kids. If they can’t do it at a professional level, what the hell must it be like at lower levels. These are suppose to be our best officials!!

You would think that Isaac would have some type of respect for his fellow player. He said today he will not apologize for the this hit (he’s suspended) or the one last month (he was fined). This guy should be suspended for the rest of the year, which also hits him in the pocket book.