Open season on Buck Pierce

Is it just me or are the refs allowing a ton of late hits, helmut to helmut hits on Buck Pierce.
At least 3 hits last night would have been called roughing the passer on any other quarterback.
Seems to happen way too much. What gives?

I'd say a couple might have been called, agree with that. to give it to the kid.....he keeps getting up after being rocked...What happens though IF he doesn't.....leos could be in a lot of trouble...I saw Printers on the sidelines watching all that went on.... Wonder what his thoughts were???...He didn't have his cell phone with him , however....maybe things have changed for Casey :wink: .......

I've mentioned this before. And for whatever reason, Saskatchewan has proved to be very good at knocking out our QBs and getting in late hits.

LoL I agree there were some questionable ones last night, but nothing that could be considered blatant, or intent to injure. And these injured QBs you mention, none of those hits were late or even mentioned as being close to a dirty play like it seems like you're implying. If I read that wrong, then please accept my humble apologies, and congrats on the win.

I'm not just talking about last night, but the last few seasons. There were no intent to injure hits last night by either team. What I mean is look at most of the injuries sustained by Dickenson and Pierce, almost all were against the Riders. I personally am not a believer in coincidence.

I re-watched the game on Sat night, the hits on Buck were all clean, no question about it. But boy did they ever go after him, and Dunkett did not do a good job protecting Buck on the right side...hell, he was horrible. He got schooled in the speed and tenacity of CFL DE's, and especially the Rider DE's.

But Buck used that to power through the game, and rally the guys around so that the second half was as good as the first half.

perhaps there were some that could have been called, but I'm pretty sure the refs didn't come together before the game and say to each other, we're gonna allow Buck Pierce to get hit wherever the defense wants to hit them, whenever they want to hit him. kinda crazy to say that they would have been called on any other quarterback.

At least 5 head shots on Quinten Poeter in last two games vs. Calgary, only 1 called!! Officiating is getting worse not better, Fire Higgen,s and Ireland !! they are %#@^&% the CFL!!!! IMHO

5 head shots on porter, please get over yourself. Its a contact sport, from time to time players might inadvertently bump heads, not to mention Porter is turning into quite the drama queen, but HEAD SHOTS as you call them. Yea right :thdn:

The Riders played clean on Friday, no question in my mind on that after re-watching the game. BUT Ray gets the calls when he is given a love tap in the same circumstances.

:cry: oh whaaa..

they were fine hits. stop complaining.

…what makes you think he’s complaining?..maybe Grims’ comments were a compliment?..

Yup, I quite like seeing the Lions always down at least 1 QB, makes for an eventful season.
BTW cflisthebest, the comment was made about games beyond last week. I was refering to games back to before DD's was full of short circuits.

5, no. But there was one that was blatant and right in front of the ref, and not called. Porter is 6'5"; you can't "inadvertently" bump heads with him. Even tall guys need to aim high for a hit like that. And besides, a head shot on the QB is supposed to be called regardless of whether it is "inadvertent."
I don't say that the refs let it go because it was Porter, or that the Ticats would have won if there had been a flag. But anyone who claims that Buck Pierce is the only QB taking unpenalized hits to the head clearly needs to watch more football.
Your "drama queen" remark is too stupid to respond to.

You are right, Buck isn't the only one. QBs league wide have been taking a lot more late hits than normal and its not getting called.
Just to me, it seem slike Buck is taking more than others.

Did anyone see the hit on Ray when he was hurt for a brief minute? Glen Suitor made a comment about the B.C. player pulling up, but I thought to myself, "He still led with his helmet." That's why Ray was in a bit of pain. Ah well...

Nope, I missed almost all of the game but I'll take your word for it.