Open letter to the owners of the Gades from a fan!

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Duke-ing it out
An open letter from former player to owners of Renegades


Renegades coach Joe Paopao, left, glances at executive vice-president Forrest Gregg, middle, and president Lonie Glieberman during yesterday's team picture day.
I decided to write this letter late Saturday afternoon while leaving Frank Clair Stadium after the Renegades’ 43-23 loss to Montreal. As I was walking out, it struck me once again how much CFL fans in Ottawa love this game and how great it is, despite the struggles this year, to have the CFL back in the Nation’s Capital.

For your willingness to step up as owners, I and many others in this city, are grateful. However, I have a deep sense of foreboding about the path you are choosing to take this team on, and I am hoping by writing this open letter now, and asking the two local papers to publish it, that I may be able to at least cause you to think seriously about your recent decisions.

When you came back to town, one of the most common quotes I heard from you was that you had learned some lessons from your first tenure as owners of the Rough Riders in the early 1990s. It was this comment that gave me hope that perhaps things would be different. Certainly, I think you would both agree that the biggest of those self-admitted mistakes was replacing credible experienced CFL football people with individuals with very suspect track records or little or no experience in the CFL game.

My message to both of you is a simple one: Don’t repeat those same mistakes, the ones that ultimately cost you ownership of this team and began the demise of the Rough Riders. Secondly, if you are looking for a model of how to build a successful franchise in this league, simply look around at EVERY other organization. There is one common denominator in every city � a leader who has earned the right to lead their team through hard work, paying dues, and learning and understanding the unique nuances of the CFL.

Cfl fans it is worse then anyone thought it could be!

I always liked James Ellingson. Not sure how many people even remember him.

Yes he was good. It is a sad state of affairs with the Loonie circus. Why is it you get these stupid rich guys that think they can run a football franchise with out good football people running it.

Ever notice they're always American? They have their own way of doing things and think it will work up here. Then you take some Canadian owners and see what they have done in T.O., Hamilton, and B.C. They bring in people who have CFL experience. Doesn't appear the Gliebs will learn.

The Stamps have a Canadian ownership group all have experience in the CFL or Canadian game. This shows when you go from last to 2nd place in one year. But you are correct no matter what business you do with Americans they think it works the same way up here and find out very quickly they are wrong. Business in Canada is much different then in the states. The Gliebs have not learned their lessen and when no one shows up they will be the cause of it. Just sad I like the football fans in Ottawa and they deserve football but can you watch this off field crap. I know here in Calgary it was getting old quickly through three years. The Stamps fans love football stuck up for their team and devoriced the owners. But this side show effects the on field product as we witnessed in Ottawa this year.

Oh yeah, I forgot Stamps had local ownership. I was happy with the Stamps fans in regards to their three years or whatever of F-Troop. I was curious to see if attendance would start to decline but it stayed pretty constant.

The Ottawa fans have to realize for a good local owner to step up to remove these clowns they have to show they will support even under bad times. If they do this the right group just might step up to buy them.

I thought the people from Saskatchewan were Canadian?
They own the roughriders don't they.
Hey ro1313 I have a question for you.
Are my owners canadian? I can't remember.
They have a good business sense.
Unlike our last owner.Schwartz was a idiot.
He thought he wrote a script for the Argos.He used a copy from gilligans island.Something to do with the boat sinking.Thank god for the new owners!!!

RW2005. Do you think Cowtown will sell out the semi-final?

Yes the tickets are going fast.

I should go. After all, besides all the Grey Cups I've gone to, I haven't been to a playoff game since 1988!!! By the way, the aforementioned James Ellingson is the last Rider to score a touchdown in a home playoff game. I have a good memory.

You bet that is very good! Yes you should go it looks like it will be fun win or lose.

How much are tickets?

Go to for pricing. I get in free and paid.

Much appreciated.

No problem have and stay out of trouble! ha ha ha ha