Open letter to the CFL and its fans

I emailed this letter to the CFL. I thought it best to post it here as well. I think this is an issue, that can bring all of us fans together. Here is my letter:

I am offended, but much more disappointed. Pro sports are tough. One can show frustration in some ways; it even adds to the spectacle. But, tonight, I saw middle fingers from coach Berry and Greg Marshall on live CBC TV. This is unacceptable. Sports can bring out the best, and worst in people, but a certain dignity should prevail. If a coach or player takes a fit in the locker room, even destroys it, that is accepted. But, for the 2 Winnipeg coaches to show such an obvious lack of respect on live television, to all the fans in Canada and elsewhere, that is hard to accept. I can accept that Americans, mock the CFL. Our rules our different and sometimes hard to understand. Sometimes, the Americans "belittle" our game to enhance theirs. Fair game, I say. But, in the next few days, American television will be airing, over and over, those shameful middle fingers, that seem to be allowed, no encouraged in the CFL. Our league did not need this...
Let us not forget, those are 2 American fingers. Maybe, a crash course in Canadian values (fines at least...) would persuade those 2 otherwise fine men to raise a fist, rather than a middle finger.

I have given all the credit for this win to Montreal tonight.......but as far as I am concerned can shove that letter up your a$$ did they expect, a smile.........

get a life indy, do you really have nothing better to do. there were so many dirty plays and all you can talk about is a little finger? wow...

I will bet that the league will fine the two coaches, but the CFL also needs to look at why they did the gestures. They were directed at the officials, who totally mismanaged that game. The calls they made were terrible, and Berry and Marshall had every reason to be upset. I would venture to say they just lost it and didnt care about the cameras, and its tough to blame them.

Your a fucking joke...Grow up...I have never seen such a horribly reffed game ever...Its a fucking finger..

I think that the REFS deserved it. Why not write a letter about the terrible reffing tonight?

Was Pierre Trudeau fined when he gave the finger to Western Canada on National Television? You need to grow a thicker skin, my boy. If a middle finger is the most offensive thing you've seen on TV lately, you need to crawl out of your hole.

As for Americans "belittling" us, because a couple of coaches gave a finger... WTF??? Wake up!! There's been alot worse to happen, on and off the field in the NFL. This is not going to become some big North American news story. I can't believe you are serious.

I hope you also asked for the Refs to be fried, and suspended from reffing another CFL game FOR LIFE!!!!

mmmmmmmmmmmm..... deep fried ref..... drool....

i also hope you asked to have yourself barred from watching or attending CFL games, cause your an idiot indy

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Not sure if I saw this, I think they were actually calling a a play after the TD..maybe I'm wrong.

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I have never in over 30 years of watching CFL football complained publicly about CFL reffing, but tonight was the biggest farce I have ever seen. Fine if no replay was used and you have to call the play in a split second, but still blow the call even with replay?! Come on! If I was in Wpg tonight, I would have stormed the field and given the one finger salute as well. This was atrocious. The war with Mtl has officially started against with the Bombers. Can't wait until the next clash! I have never liked dandy Don since his days as a Lion head coach. Loved it when the Bombers creamed his team in 1984 and put that grin up his behind! This should be enough to keep the Bombers fire up for the rest of the season!

i'm suprised there was no riot after the game, there should have been.

I would have given the refs the backwards peace sign, which means "**** you, and the Yankee horse you rode in on" :cowboy:

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Indydan, as a mod, I'd recommend you to go to bed for you have already made your fair share of inappropriate comments for tonight, and this discussion sure isn't heading in the right direction either.