Open Letter to Rocky Butler

Dear Mr. Butler,

Please accept my most humble apologies for calling you nothing but "bench decoration" for the past five football seasons. Although you did a fine job holding that bench down, I prefer you holding your own in a win instead.

Humblest regards,

hmmm probably everyone else is in the same boat as you. for someone to be satisfied being 3rd string for five years I assumed he was a crap QB. until the last 2 weeks. I would like to see him play someone other than Hamilton though before I move Crandell in the offseason.

ALways liked Butler but he got a Bum rap sitting on the Bench..I am happy for him if for anything it opens possiblites now the Riders never had before (3) competent QB's and possible trade bait

The guy deserves a promotion, but I don't think he can get it on this team unless we rid ourselves of Crandell.

How I see it, we have 3 QB's who can hold their own in a football game, and be a great player for you. Definetly better than any other team can say. . . Cough Montreal Cough Winnipeg cough Toronto

Women are so sweet when they're humble. :slight_smile:

I would think Rocky has gone to near the head of the class for an expansion QB.

lets see what Butler can do against a decent team not necesarily a good team because Hamilton is not that good ?
when Green broke his leg and Burris wasnt ready didnt Butler start the next 2 games and we lost them both ?
so as a starter isnt Butler 2and 2 ?

Rockey got his first start in Labour Day 2002 (I believe). Kevin Glenn and whoever was our number one at the time Greene or Burris were hurt. They won the game big over the bombers and Butler played very well. He was 0-2 as a starter when Greene Broke his leg and was not so awsome. But he has played well so far this year and has a 1-0 record as a starter and had a great relieve appearance in Saskatchewan last week. So as a starter he is technically 2-2 but you could say 3-2.

Regardless of who the opponent was, Butler did a good job in this game.

Yup..and he made good decisions under pressure

Riders made a critical mistake for not starting Butler after Labour Day in 2002. I believe Rocky would be an impact QB had he started instead of Nealon. Loyalty robbed Rocky of getting on a roll; hopefully Danny will learn to keep Joseph on the bench until Rocky is ineffective.

Do you really think that Butler will be as effective facing Winnipeg's defense?