Open letter mikey, Crash, et al...

Did it ever occur to you guys that the rest of us couldn’t care less about the infighting that goes on among your fraternities.
Some days it seems we can’t read threads without getting caught up in the childish bickering that goes on, and on, and on.

If I may, some advice from an old man.

mikey, when you start a thread but don’t agree with the responses, for pete’s sake, LET IT GO!

Crash et al, one response to a thread is enough to make your point.

Look, some of us come on here to take part in an upfront discussion, or to at least read intelligent posts. (OK, so that’s a toughie!)
I don’t want to seem overly critical, but some days it just becomes WAY TOO MUCH. You guys come on as if you would like to star in “Have gun, will travel”.

You all are capable of presenting intelligent, sensible posts. Some of us wish you would just do that more often.

Please don’t come back taking shots at me. Just give it some consideration, for all our sakes.

Very well said Wilf. And I couldn't agree with you more.

It's actually pretty sad when two former moderators go after each other like that.

Wow! Some surprizes in this thread. Mikey and Crash are former moderators? I wasn't aware of that.

I personally enjoy Mikey's posts unless I've been reading the wrong ones to see your point, Wilf.

I find Mikey insightful, courteous and humourous and I enjoy reading him just as I enjoy your posts, Wilf.

While I completely agree with this, and the fact that discussion is the main priority of any messageboard rather than childish, idiotic bickering, this kind of stuff needs to go to the mods via PM first.

Wilf?....I'm not quite getting what you're talking about here?

I barely find the time to post anymore and if you're referring to my debate with Zontar today, I found that fun actually....yeah, it derailed near the end a bit so I bailed out but it wasn't too bad....

The website had stalled I noticed so what's wrong with a little juice injected into it?.....I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Wilf, you don't have to read every thread if it isn't to your liking....myself, I'm really bad at video games so I just ignore the "Madden" threads that pop up once in a games bore me but I'm not going to tell others they shouldn't discuss them....again, I just don't go into those threads to even read them...

And what's this about Crash?.....I missed that because I may have seen him post a few times in my QB thread....but I didn't respond to where were we arguing?'s no biggie Wilf......don't sweat it...

Something of an explanation....
First, I have been berated for using two specific names in the title. OK, if space permitted, I should have listed the 10 or 12 individuals who, I feel, contribute to the problem I see. In the title I said "et al" which is short for the Latin "et alia" meaning "and others".
Now, if others don't see the problem as I do, so be it.
I will not back off from my dislike for the bickering that develops in many threads.That doesn't mean that I have any control over their occurrence.
Any control, if warrented, should properly be applied by the Mods. TOFAN is correct in noting that it is in their area of control. However, he has more confidence than I that any action by them is required. The problem I see does not involve personal insults, unsavoury language, just a tiresome repetition of "bickering". (I can't seem to get away from that description of the juvenile postings that annoy me and, I know, others.)

In short, I apologize to both mikey and Crash for using their names, when many others could have as easily been used.
I do not apologize for calling attention to what I see as a deterioration of the calibre of entries on this site.
If I am now about to hear from the Mods, so be it.

Requiescat in pacem....

It's the opposite of that which I hope to see more of here. I come here to talk and discuss football with informed, unbiased posters......not to read about silly arguments and immature posts from 10 year olds (or the liken) about trash talking.....I can get that and hear that anywhere else......we come here to talk and discuss.

You come to a team site to find unbiased posters?????????

It's one thing to be biased and have an opinion, but another to have a bias that outweighs common sense and reasoning.

Count me as one of those who feels the same way as Wilf.

I am definitley against the insulting, mean-spirited egotism that is sometimes found here. That seems to have abated lately.

Wilf is referring instead to the back and forth bickering that dominates some threads. It gets quite tiresome too. I just wish there was less of it, it's really a matter of self-moderation I think.

I don't believe the suggestion to "just don't read that thread" is adequate as a response.... how can you tell what the thread contains unless you open it, unless the title is a give away? Sometimes you can tell whether it's going to be one to avoid by who started the thread or who the last poster is, but otherwise, what seems like a good discussion is only revealed as a bickering contest when read.

In your corner here Wilf.

Ironically Wilf, you started a thread which can not help but become a "bickering" thread.....

So, let's set the record straight...

You may be referring to other threads lately that have turned bad...I don't really know as I haven't read too much....but you mentioned my name and Crash's name specifically so here's the poop....

I assume you are referring to my QB thread yasterday which became spirited (but fun at the same time)....

I will say that Crash only posted twice and his posts were on-topic and relevant and never got dirty at all.....and I even got into a fun debate with Zontar....I'm sure a lot of people were following the action and chuckling.....I was for sure and although I can't speak for Zontar, I'd bet he was having a laugh too.....

(gawd, I'm defending Crash, Zontar and myself all at once!!....who woulda thunk?...) :lol:

Much worse threads out there to dissect than that one from yesterday I must say....mountain out of a mole hill here.

Gee, just when we're having some fun instead of killing each other!! :wink:

(and don't get your hopes up that Crash, Zontar or I are about to play nice....lmao!....I get a kick out of them trying to trip me up now.....I look at it as a long as it doesn't get too dirty, I'm in! skin is pretty thick now ).. :lol:

Bring it on you losers!! ...hahaha :wink:

Never knew had, in addition to the official crew, an auxillary all volunteer mod. dept. :roll:

Wilf did not mention a specific thread, he just mentioned, as I would agree, that there is a group of people within these forums that continue to fight, cry, whine, disrupt, with each other. It is old and played out. Give it up.

I've been away.

Wilf, I know what you mean. Mikey, Crash, I know that it's hard to believe but I can respect each of you guys even though you obviously intensely dislike each other. Feuds on this site go waaaay back (if 3 years can be waaaay back) to near the beginning. OneMoreDork was an early entrant at the 'mixing it up' category.

Hey, I know that some don't like me because I seem to come across to them at times as smug, or smarmy, or sounding like I think I'm superior. I've had PM's about that. Honestly, I just talk this way all the time. It's part of working at a college, I guess. Even so, I can understand the feeling because my communication patterns are generally out of the norm and so they can be 'off-putting'. I'm not going to feud with you about it though. If I blow it- let me know.

There are other feuders on this site that seem to only like to fight. I presume that they are very young and generally don't know better. In fact, for many under 20 the very purpose of a site like this is to start and participate in 'thread-brawling.' That's not a cheap shot at them (or you if you are one of these) as it's just a cultural observation.

Mikey, I really do disagree with your response on this one. I didn't see it as aimed at the one thread as this back and forth has been going on for some time now. If it's fun for you to get others irked.... okay. I can't stop it. It takes the fun away for me though. And when others bite on you then I feel the same way.

I'm not a naive child asking, "Can't we all just get along," because it's clear that we can't.... at least in the realm of ideas. However, in the realm of communication anything is possible to those of good will.


Maybe I've missed some bad threads recently that have been deleted or something.....because I haven't been involved in a back and forth thing with Crash for ages......he's not posting much as before and neither am I......I'm puzzled is all?

At any rate, my thread yesterday was designed to spark some debate.....most threads are.....the spirited debate stayed in that one thread and didn't spill into other threads.....Wow!..maybe my skin is getting too thick because I thought it was fun!....and I didn't mind the challenging questions at all actually....Anyone reading the first page would know it would be don't go back into it if it isn't to your liking.....

Let's not get overly cautious......debate is debate!...I love it as long as it stays kinda sane... :wink:

Welcome to the internet! :twisted:

Mikey, THAT'S exactly what Wilf is talking about.

For the record...

I like Mikey.

I like Crash.

I am sure that I would like Zontar if I ever met him.

However, I also like Pickles, Chocolate Ice Cream and Sardines. I just don't like them in the same bowl.

Once again, Wilf is the voice of reason.

Stop the bickering guys... it's freaking brutal.

I also like Pickles, Chocolate Ice Cream and Sardines
Are you pregnant now? that what you're really saying?... :twisted:

.....long, cold winter ahead!.....let's have fun in here!....

Crash!-------> loser!

Zontar-------> loser!

Mikey--------> loser!

All three of us are taking our ball and going home then if that's how you feel! :lol:

too funny!.... :wink:

Happy Grey Cup week everyone!

gotta scoot!

do not apologize for calling attention to what I see as a deterioration of the calibre of entries on this site. If I am now about to hear from the Mods, so be it.

Requiescat in pacem....

Wilf: I really think you have to lighten up a bit. I don't always like some of the posts I see here either, but you get to know who these posters are, and avoid them.

As Mark was saying, many of them are likely young and thrive on a good battle. Don't get me wrong (or Mark either) I don't wish to imply that anyone here below the age of 20 is looking for a fight.

The main idea here, in my opinion, is to discuss football and I find that there are no two approaches to this that are alike.

Take it with a grain of salt, Wilf!

At this point, due to my Catholic upbinging and days as an alter boy, along with the fact that I studied Latin as I'm sure you did, I should perhaps commence dazzeling you with some of my own Latin phrases. I'll therefore use only one that I'm sure you're familiar with, "Quo Vadis?"

Like yourself, Wilf, I am one of the older posters here, perhaps a couple of generations removed from some of the younger ones.

Here is how I like to respond to posts on If the posts are related to serious football discussion or questions need answering then I'll respond in a serious manner. If I read a post which I consider stupid and silly, then if I choose to reply, it will be in a stupid and silly manner. Life is too short for me to be serious all the time. I like to have some fun too.

Hey Rocky.... and chance you could raise that to say Under 24 or 25 instead of under 20... you're makin me feel like a complacent old coot thats not up for a fight over here at the ripe old age of 21...

YIKES lol.

(btw, HI WILF, where've you been?!?!?!?!?! The site has missed you to be sure! Our wealth of knowledge from Elliot Lake is back!)