Open Letter to HfxTC

Dear HfxTC:

You were formerly an Alouette fan, and now are self-declared as being an Alouette fan no longer, and an Edmonton fan.

I have called you a fair weather fan; sheldon has called you a hypocrite. You have taken umbrage at those characterizations, which leads me to conclude that you just don't "get it."

So let me try to explain.

These Alouette forums are to be 'safe havens' for Alouette fans. So it is perfectly legitimate for us Alouette fans, like Johnny, sheldon, jkm, me, tony, mike and the rest, to be critical of the Als' ownership, GM, coaching staff, and players.

It is NOT okay for fans of other teams to come in here and be critical of the Als' ownership, GM, coaching staff, and players.

I am an Alouette fan; always have been, always will be.

But what if I did this:

(a) never posted in these Alouette forums;


(b) constantly went in the BC Lions forums, and told the BC fans things like that their owners are bad and should sell; that their GM is incompetent and give him a silly nickname; that their coaching staff don't know what they are doing; and accuse certain players of being no good.

If you were a BC fan, what would you think of me?

I expect you'd think I was a troll.

And you'd be correct.

So do you now understand how you are coming across?

I suggest, sir, that you have two options:

(1) admit to being an Als fan and suffer through these challenging times with the rest of us;


(2) there's the door. . . the Edmonton forums are just down the hall; don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Very well put MadJack.

Well done its about time the real fans appear.......That's the problem with the Forum when users sign up they should only have access to post and reply to the team's forum they've specified as their favorite, but can only view in other forums......

Safe haven doesn't mean safe from criticism; it means trolling isn't tolerated. There's something to be said if there's a jeering tone accompanying the criticisms - we'll watch for that now - but we can't possibly be calling for non-fans of a team to stay completely out of a team forum unless they only have something positive to say.