Open letter to George Cortez


3rd and 1 and you shotgun without spreading the formation?

Your short yardage has been total BULLSHIT all year.

You are so ... Fucking ... Fired!

I wondered about this, too.

It's been a failure epidemic this year in the league trying this kind of nonsense. You'd think they learn from it at some point.

Hey.... the Sharpie is warm though!

When I saw the offense line up in the gun the only thing I was thinking was "please don't be a draw to sheets"...

When it was I was not impressed.


I am not going to be a defence lawyer for Cortez but watch the replay of that play. For an instant there was a hole up the middle but Sheets veered / cut outside and got smothered. Had he run north and south chances are he would have got the first down! I am not blaming Sheets either as good scatbacks rely on instinct when they run . But, in this instance, he should have run straight ahead on short yardage! :cowboy:

It's a terrible play call that I would not expect to see any experienced OC make. For a second I thought we had replaced Cortez with Dan Hawkins. You can't expect your back to get that yard when he's getting the ball 3-4 yards in the backfield and everyone knows he's getting the ball.

In light of how well the Cats are doing this year versus last year, I'm never going to get tired of this...