Open letter to Charlie T.

Dear Charlie:

I lay the blame for last night's fiasco and indeed for the entire farce of a season on your shoulders; the shoulders of your coaching staff; the spotters, and your playbook.

Did you ever hear of the KISS principal? Keep It Simple Stupid. This is FOOTBALL Charlie, not rocket science. Your play book of thousands of plays that takes two years to learn and appreciate, throw it away Charlie. I'd say burn it but the pollution that would ensue would cause serious environmental damage.

Any offensive system that cannot incorporate a new VETRAN receiver in 10 days is way too complicated. Look at all the breakdowns on offence - no one, not even the spotters and coaches are on the same page, much less the players who are supposed to execute the calls. No wonder the players are so dis-spirited.

Pick or create new 48 plays. Practice all of them but concentrate on the ones that will exploit Argo weaknesses. Practice them so often the players can do them in their sleep. Line blocking should be one of three choices: a run to the left of the player; a run to the right of the player; a pass block.

If your spotters and coaches knew what they were doing when they send in a play there would be no need for audibles on the line; no need for timeouts for explanations.

So, in summary Charlie, 48 plays - that's 12 each for the 4 backfielders; simplified blocking for the line, and some imagination (ie line Lumsden up as a WR or Slot) should win some games.

Your system is not working! Admit it, shoulder the blame.

Above all Charlie, FIX it or get your butt out of town. We, the fans and loyal supporters, are fed up with your losing ways.

If I was Bob the Owner, I'd want 80% of my contract money back from you.

Right on - Right on - Right on. Stop the excuses ....................

lol its not the playbook at all.

its the players and the QB

Guess that I may add that no matter what the playbook is, if you don't have the personel to execute even the most simple plays then you've got real problems.

yeah there is real problems here,

and its simple to point out..

I see why and understand why the ticats or at the bottom.

I agree Geezer. For some reason, Taafe has been given a free ride this season. I think most of the attention has been on Maas's obvious shortcomings so the coaches have flown under the radar. Hey, maybe that's why Taafe plays Maas. :lol:

I'll add one more thing to your list. Almost all of those 18 penalties can be traced back to an inability of the coaches to get through to the players.

An Argo-Cat fan


45 plays is not even close to enough plays, especially in the CFL. I agree that maybe they should start off simple but then keep adding more and more in each week.

In Ralph Sazio's day, that was pretty much the recipe. However, it is essential to develop a core of plays (e.g 20-50, divided by down and distance elements, hurry-up, etc.) that the team can run effectively in its sleep. That does take time. The reason we cannot attack the opponent with a hurry-up or no-huddle offense is precisely because we don't have anywhere close to that level of work done.

Again, the playcalling is less of a problem than the execution. We do not have the intermediate passing game to open up stuff underneath. The deep game? Don't get me started. The O-line has to play better than wilting under a 3-man front's pressure.

Chang will not progress further at this point "watching to see how Jason does it" from the sidelines. My gosh, that prescription could cause brain damage. ROTFLMAO.

Oski Wee Wee,

I hate to say it, but we should have hired Danny Barrett.
Perhaps Taffe has been away from the Canadian game for too long.

Isn't it Calvillo that has one basic play that has at least five different options to it?

Yes ,I recall Cahoon talking about this.

So why do we need more plays when there are several options to each one ...and isn't that more KISS.

Which Vetern reciever did we have 10 days to work in to our offence .

Not,Armstead ,he went home for his bye week returning game day and that was a span of 7-8 days most.

Dunno about that. Leaing some of the more curious coaching decisions and approaches made to date this year, I still think Charlie is more than capable at building a successful program here. The issue now is whether the realization that we have nothing to lose making it 1) Chang 1A/2) Maas rather than the opposite will actually sink in by, say, tomorrow.

If not now, a week from Tuesday, I would expect.

Oski Wee Wee,

I get it now, Russ.

After Chang gets yanked, Jason comes in
in the frame of mind he says he plays best,

exploding with anger, breathing fire,

and he leads us to a sensational comeback.

We beat Argos on Labour Day..Our Grey Cup.

Very interesting, but very unlikely.

The unlikeliness of a win on Labour Day is universal, Ron, regardless of who starts at QB. LOL

Given the team's penchant for penalties and poor team execution (particularly offensively in the red zone), the team is going to have to start the 2008 auditions PDQ. These issues are correctable, but not even in a weekly timeframe. I don't think we're back to square one, although this square two stinks. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Just feeling your frustration guys, it can't be easy.

imo- the o was in the redzone several times , and Maas was unable to execute, How many players can they recycle ??? Why cant Charlie see that Maas is a great relief pitcher and not a starter, The cuase of the Ticats horrendus record is IMHO-- the qb--- Why they cut Buttler after tradeing for him is mind bogling, CHang is another a.c SO they better make him the starter for labour day, CUT Maas and save mr Young some coin-- hopefully he wont bail on this team and try to unload it,

So, another thread perverted into the Maas/Chang war. Fight that out somewhere else.

Dont you see, they are just the pawns executing the stupid plays sent in from the sidelines and spotters booth. If everyone one the field does not know what his assignment is you have chaos, like last night.

I doubt Sazio had 48 plays, more likely 12. But he had those teams executing them perfectly.

So Jason A. only had 7 days not the 10 I posted, so what. If the offence can't be learned enough from a receiver's point of view in that time frame to enable him to play, the program is far too complicated.

The talent on the field cannot perform because the talent on the field doesn't know what it is doing. This is the fault of the coaching staff.

When was Sazio coaching? This is 2007, no way would a 40 play playbook fly now. It would take a defence what 2 days to figure it out, and on every play know what routes are being run. A corner would be like 'ok the receiver is running a 5 yard curl, so that means I should leave him because they're throwing an outpost to the slot, because they've only run that play 650 times all year so far.'

And our offence is the opposite of that, we only run guys deep to free up space for the primary guy running the 5 yard out or slant routes. So the defender covering the guy going deep is like 'Maas can't throw this far so why bother covering this guy?'.

This offence would work if the D feared the deep pass, because it would free up the intermediate passing lanes as well as give the receivers running underneath more room for yac yardage. Right now the D is all over those routes and the main reason is Maas's inability to throw deep -every defence is laughing at us for playing him.

Sazio coached the Cats from 1963 to 1967.

I was not implying that the Cats had a playbook that small. However, the operational bedrock wouldn't be far from that. Remember that the use of formations was pretty standard stuff reflective of balanced attacks in those days, so a lot of plays emanated from I-formation and pro sets. The subterfuge was that they ran a ton of plays from the same look.

Oski Wee Wee,

Exactly. No one fears us and that is one of the main reasons our receivers can't get open - they are being double and triple covered in close because the D knows that's where the ball is going. Our whole offensive collapse is based on the fact we can't, won't go deep. Hell we don't often even go for 10 or 20 yards. It makes it damn easy for a defence to shut us down. And when a team can't go long it also makes it easy to shut down the run. All the Defensive backs are right there ready for the run or the short pass. The sad thing is, we don't even do the short pass well.
Too high, too low, too short - whatever- same result.