Open Letter to CFL Commisioner and TICAT GM

Does anyone have an email address that I can write and demand action be taken against AJ GAAS. I can not find any links on the CFL sight to contact anyone.

if no one knows maybe this thread can some how reach the Upper Brass of the league.

I myself was shocked by the kick to the head. What i was really worried about and ashamed to see was a father in front of me having to explain to his young son what just happened when the son saw the kick and was shocked.

I hope the tigercats demand that action is taken against him. I understand that some people seem to think Brock Ralph started the whole thing. if this is what the investigation finds then he needs to be dicipline too but A.J GAAS can not get away with this type of behavior.

I assume the league is taking this matter very seriously and will make the necessary response.

Unfortunately he's gotten away with this type of behaviour his whole career - I can't think of a dirtier player in the CFL in a long time.

On the Ticat Show on CHML Radio today,
I believe Referee in Chief George Black

told Ted Michaels that this incident
will defintely be reviewed.

Guess whose email address that is. :wink:

If nothing is done then all will know that Hugh Campbell runs the CFL.


Philion, in Montreal?

Face it, the League does nothing about the really dirty players, and Gass is a prime example.

Note the TSN comment from a Calgary player that says the Eskies are noted as being a team that goes for the deliberate injury on any hits.

The League, of corse, has not responded, and, its not like thgis started all of a sudden...this has been the state of affairs for years...

Good question would be if the HW Police would not arrest the clown on criminal charge for deliberate assault, as that would be closer to the case than the League apparently wants to take it.

Why not? Yu don't gey away with that sort of stuff in real life...and its well documented...

Quite willing to teach the SOB a lesson at public cost of "justice", as the CFL flinches from doing the same...

I was wondering about Esk cheap shots when a lot of our O-line were dropping like flies. I'd like to see film as to whether the Eskie D were deliberately going for their legs/knees. The Winnipeg O-line had that reputation a few years back.

Somehow I doubt the League and Mr Black will do anything. Gass got away with that helmet-to-helmet hit on McManus last year that knocked him out with a concussion... no penalty or follow-up action by the League (while Gass was shown on the bench laughing it up and doing a "replay" with his fist to his chin... a hit some Eskie fans are claiming was a "good clean hit" over on their fan site in response to other claims that Gass is a dirty player).

The times Black has called in to the 5th Quarter, he ususally tries to excuse away questionable calls and claims he hasn't seen the calls that were obviosuly blown and cannot be sloughed off and explained away.

Plus, the Eskimos (and an Edmonton news story) are trying to justify going hard after Maas (thru Brock) by claiming the Ti Cats broke an unwritten rule about killing the play in such a situation (QB automatically and immediately going to the knee). They also conveniently fail to point out the Eskie D's "rough" play in relation to Brocks subsequent actions (low block to the offending Eskie player) and Gass's kick at Brock.

They're trying to claim it was not right that Maas tried to take time off the clock by not immediately going to a knee after the snap, which is pure BS as many times a QB will just stand there and try to run time off the clock until touched by the opposing team (and not hammered as the Eskies did).

I hope to be proven wrong (re a Gass suspension) but given the inconsistency by the League (officials, on and off the field), I doubt any action will be taken and Gass will be allowed to seek his personally admitted and planned revenge, possibly causing injury or worse.

The League should be held responsible if such an incident does indeed occur.


[quote=“Reverend”]Does anyone have an email address that I can write and demand action be taken against AJ GAAS etc…


Good post. Gass is bad news. Hockey players have been charged for this sort of stuff so why not him too?

Never ever give us a schedule like the one we got this year. :x

Yeah....don't I wish. :lol:

If a QB is trying to run out the clock with 20 seconds left, can the defense immediately rush into the backfield, go offside, have the play called dead, take the penalty and stop the clock?

If so, why does nobody try that?


the clock would stop for the penalty, it would start running down again when the ref blew time in after the assesment of the penalty and the offensive team would have a new 20 second play clock-this would allow them to run off more time than by letting the original play start

Yes they do?
They feature them in media guides and promos, plus plenty of play by play talk and primetime sideline time, Yeah, I'm bad :twisted: ya Mom.