Open letter To CARETAKER and KATZ

I am actually getting a little tired of reading all the bad stuff about the fan weekend and the team this year. i admit to starting half the threads myself but i have heard enough now. I am going to finish this letter and let it be.

This all goes back to the start of the year, we where told that we did not need season tickets that look professional like every other team in the league becasue they cost too much and the team would rather put the dollars into the product on the field. I think that this was not the right comment to make. First off i am not about suggest i know how you run a football team but there should be a budget for things related to fan events and fan loyalty. Obviously we did not see the benefit of the nice ticket dollars on the field but that could not have been predicted so i am not going to harp on it. K.W and Provost have been doing a great job back pedling and trying to assure everyone the team cares about them but they should not have to do this there should never have been issues to begin with.

I hope there is some accountability when it comes to issue like the fan appreciation day and the tradition posters running dry. The plaques running out, auctions and numerous other promotions that didn't pan out.

If you did take care of your fans there probably would not be as many hard feelings about our team this year. i know that i will always support the cats but if we have a bad product on the field good fan realtions and events it go along way.

I know you can't predict what a team will be like on the field but if you did all these things for the fans and the team turns out to be a winner the organization will look twice as good.

I have always gone by the idea that you can not run a business on good product alone, the customer service has to be great also.

thats it i am done. i would now like to look towards next year and run at the cup.

Nicely put.

I would like to share a few sore points from this year, just to get it out in the open and off my chest and that will be the last of it till next year. I tried starting my own thread with this but alas I dont think anyone cared.
So to the author to this thread I hope you don't mind that I am sharing this on yours. I hope it is read by those who can affect change and implement it.

  1. Concessions, I sound like a broken record but I was VERY disappointed yesterday. I have resigned the fact that the food is WAY over priced. HOWEVER, I WOULD HAVE LIKED A HOT SAUGSAGE THAT WAS COOKED ALL THE WAY THROUGH, AND HOT. NOT COLD AND TASTED LIKE IT HAD BEEN AROUND FOR A WHILE. My husband went down 5 minutes before Half Time to avoid the rush, and would have at least expected a HOT FOOD ITEM.
    You need to do something about this. Consistency is key here,and it must be addressed for next year.

  2. I was VERY disappointed on the availability of players from the 86' Grey Cup team. Thank Goodness I caught Grover yesterday late after the game. Or I would have been just devastated missing him yet again.
    Now if the team/Alumni go to all the trouble to bringing these guys back, why not set them up somewhere so the fans can have access. Some of us can't afford $75. a plate dinner ( which there is nothing wrong with that they raise a lot of good monies to help) but for what ever reason the "Fan Appreciation Day was VERY poorly advertised. I thought it was before the actual game day. Not the day before.
    Why not set the team up comfortably under tents, where the fans could line up and get autographs and pictures. I would have loved an opportunity to see Bernie, Paul, Rocky etc these were "my" guys from my "era" . In 1995 I think when the team had to do that HUGE season ticket drive, they did that, they got some of the hugest stars of the past set them under a tent with name cards( some you can't recongnize with out their numbers) and it was a blast. I got to meet the likes of Angelo Mosca, Bobby Crouse, Garney Henley, John Barrow and one of my personal favs Bernie Faloney.
    We have a rich history USE IT.

  3. One of my biggest beefs is that with the rich Alumni that we do have, it seems the "new" team either shuns them or does not take advantage of the rich history of players we have. Why not have at every game and "Alum" tent, where the fans can show appreciation get to know and see the past players who have stayed around and embraced the city. Just a thought.

Just an off note, I know things were crazy at the game, but honestly there was way too much going on a half time. The Wall of Honour is a very big deal, and I felt that along with the 1986 team and honouring Paul Weiler it was too much and could not be proccessed. I think it took away from the importance of the day for these individuals, It felt and looked Rushed. I think it is great but you know there are 8 games at home, don't try to pack it all into one. It doesn't look professional. If your going to do team honour make the whole game 'The 1986 Grey Cup Team" Day. Make it "Wall of Honour Day" Game then guide your "give aways" accordingly. It felt like in between plays you just threw in PigSkin Pete. There was so much more you could have done for all parties that day. The On field people need to take a step back and re think when they do stuff like this.

  1. Lastly to Lesley Stewart, I would love to see the cheerleaders start our own Alumni. We could use it to raise money for charity, get involved more in the community or just to meet the "girls" and some fellows from the past. This would be awsome to start something like this up. I know I would love to meet some of the Dorthy Hurst era girls, or just see some of the girls from the past when I cheered. I hope you could think about this and try to develop something to start up. I would be honoured and happy to help out.

I think that is it. Some of you will trash it or see some merit in what I have written.
I say here is to the new season, and when can we get started !!!!!

guess no one else has a problem

As a season ticket holder for 27 years I think I qualify as an expert in "the game day experience".
The stadium atmosphere has actually deteriorated over the last year.
Please be patient and allow me to vent.

  1. The concessions are still the absolute worst of any venue in North America. Because this has been brought to the attention of TC management for 20 years and no improvement has been made it has gotten worse.
  2. The canned cheering over the PA system squashes spontanious fan cheering - please can the canned cheering.
  3. The announcer appears to be only concerned with hearing his own voice. He does not appear to be in connection with the fans in the stadium.
  4. The commercials on the Tigervision are getting out of hand. If I wanted to see endless commercials I would have pocketed my $700 for a pair of tickets and started paying down a 42 inch LCD TV and stayed home.
  5. I was glad to see the sponsorship attached to the national anthem was removed - what a disgrace.
  6. The choreography of the audio during the game sounds like it was planned by an ADHD schizophrenic that forgot to take their medication. Games are predicatable in their stoppages so choreographing a game should be easy.
  7. Saving a couple of bucks as a Traditions Club member and getting another poster just doesn't cut it. The events for the members need to be more exclusive to encourage people to join (ie early access to the stadium to meet the 86 champs). I bet a poll would indicate that those taht did join would have bought three years of seasons tickets without the promo.
  8. Getting a 2007 Grey Cup promo mailing on October 13th that ended on the 12th was priceless. Also you couldn't understand the card without an abacus.

Keep in mind that I'm at every game for the football. I'd watch the Cats play if it was held in the Centre Mall parking lot. I'll renew my seats because I don't care about all this other stuff.
What I do notice is that the management of the "entertainment value" appears bush league regularly.
Thank you if you made it this far into my post.

K, I know this is gonna sound insanely sexist and insensitive but, who wants to see old cheerleaders? :lol: Jokes.

But in all honesty, teams don't attract new fans by constantly harping on the past. It's great to honour players from the past, but we can't go overboard. Many people in the crowd either, weren't fans when many of the alumni were playing, or in some cases, weren't even born yet. Tradition is important, but you can't focus on the past.

You probably make some valid points, Reverend, but it's really odd to admit to starting half the complaining threads, say you're tired of them, but here's one more last(?) one.

I think 90% of it, despite your arguments to the contrary, is wins, pure and simple. Success on the field changes everything. Sure, some people will find things to complain about no matter what. (I think Hamilton fans may have an inordinate number in this category but that might be a result of too many losing seasons recently) But when it comes right down to it, one winning season and all the peripheral 'problems' will disappear!

Tuck, NOBODY complains like Tiger-Cats fans, especially during a winning season. Heck, if I were a beting man, I'd bet that there would be an inordinant number of threads calling for the benching of our starting QB, complaints about the special teams, etc...

all good points TUCK.
i would like to repsond further but that would mean i am not sticking to my promise of letting it be and not posting about it anymore. :smiley:

I was asking this of Ms. Stewart because there is no other way to ask this. Cheerleaders are part of the game experience, It would be nice to be recognized for our hard work and dedication. When your a cheerleader you put a lot of practice time in not to mention the Community work you do.For little or no money like some other squads have.
But as a group who has been dedicated to this team it would be nice to get together and meet each other.

**Side BAR<><> Thank you to the current Cheerleaders who are working with the kids at Norman "Pinky" Lewis" Rec Centre. My daughter is so pumped she is ready for the Jr. Girls next year. Thank you for your Dedication !! It means a lot !!

Does this mean the 1985 cheerleaders might perform at a game in the future?
It would remind us of the good old days.