Open Invite Meeting for Coffee In Calgary

I am buying coffee when I get back to Calgary in a couple of weeks.
Can even afford lunch (beer and chicken wings)
Might even go to a better place than the Cecil. Great cheap beer day there on Sundays. $7.00 per jug. Ask for Psycho and they will point me out. .

For you guys I am willing to go upmarket. Pick a place and I will pick up the tab. Like Joey Tomato's. Watch for a guy that looks like a present day Van Morrison and that will be me.

Will be back in Calgary w/o 13 Mar.

Digging a bigger hole for yourself aren't ya? eh?

better start talking Fotball or any kind of sport or you will more than likely get reported and kicked off.

We can watch football on the big screen.

if that is the way they operate please kick me off.
Who asked for your useless comment.

Dude, I’m trying to help you, please say something about CFL football, then talk everything else if you want.

If you not here to talk CFL, what are you doing here?

I have my “useless” topics, but I do try to keep with the point that this site is here, which is for football fans to talk football, and I do try to “keep my eye on the ball”.

But so far, I haven’t seen that from you, so I ask you again, What are you doing on here?

Free country Kanga...oh wait, you're in the U.S., I should throw in "supposedly" in there somewhere, hey? Good thing there isn't a spelling rule on this site...

i srue am lol

Hmm, the pot calling the kettle black! LOL

I dont understand this. I opened up the floor and invited all of the Calgary CFL Forum people out for lunch, coffee or beers, chicken wings (great spectator SPORT food) . We can put faces to names and have a good time. It is going to cost me a couple of hundred bucks. The Calgary Ham Radio guys meet at Chinook Mall on Saturday mornings. They sit around and discuss Icoms and Yagis.

Ever put a 425 set onto a 1029 Mounting Tray and come up with a
46. Unless you have two 46's which makes a AN/GRC49. I had two 49s in my CP in Germany. That is what Sig guys talk about. The Calgary CFL Forum guys can get together and talk about football, seasons tickets, Ralph the Dog, Peter's Burgers, this years Stampeder uniforms, Touchdown Horses.

Talking about sport. at least this forum didnt get hijacked by all the psuedo intelligensia floating around with their dialectical utopianism and semiotics, on the cutting edge of the avant garde and all that.

Just beer and football. They sell beer at the stadium and coffee and burgers and wings, so that should tie into sport somehow. (That comment was just a show for Canex. The coffee is cheaper in the back. Anybody with time in would understand that barb) (Hmmm Do the the moderators have a junior generals kit. Bunch of one pip wonders. Never trust a Captain with a CD or a Major without one, I got that saying from the SWO)

I would just like you to discuss something about football, that's all.

Players, Teams, Rules, whatever.

We will. that is why I wanted to round up all the forum guys in Calgary and pcik up the tab.

Where can I find a CFL rule book?

A few weeks ago I had asked if it was possible to find old photos of the teams uniforms and put them on the cfl website. It would be interesting to see the uniforms and equipment from the 40's until now.
Dick Shatto published a football lesson book in the early 1960's which was sponsored by Canada Dry. Old helmets and leather boots. Summer of 1963 I got Rollie Miles autograph.
I used to work in the AE Lepage building in Edmonton and would meet Tom Wilkinson in the elevator alll of the time. Our high school gym teacher was Dunc Ellis who played for Hamilton.

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Coffee or beers sounds good
Lots of football talk

Count me in

Is herald coming too, what about olympics 2010?

oh my god, please tell me what just happened isn't what I think just happend.

Fred is relping to himself??? :?

Why do I get the feeling that nobody in this forum wants to meet anybody else but are content to sit safely behind their screens like a bunch of computer geeks.
I thought a gettogether for the Calgary bunch was a great idea.

…gathering for wings and beers is predominantly orchestrated by a group of people that find mutual satisfaction in each other’s company and enjoyment in a social bonding exercise…no offence, but so far I haven’t found any reason that meeting you face to face would somehow enrich my non-geeky life…

…you probably wouldn’t like me anyway because of my moderator status (albeit one who hasn’t editted or erased any of your contributions)…perhaps the other Calgarians who frequent this forum will respond to your plea for pub-style companionship, I’ll pass thank you very much…

Well, I remember once before a Labour Day game we had a get-together at Horton's, and met with a bunch of Ticat and Argo fans that we knew only by user name. It was pretty cool. We talked about different games we'd been to, and found out we had a lot in common, even with those of a different colour shirt.

If I lived in or around Calgary, I'd be in...especially with Fred picking up the tab. He may regret it by the time I got through. :lol:

I thought Fred was going to meet at Glenmore Landing? Let me know Fred?