.....deleted that one by accident....anyway KK, what I was saying is that your poll ran it's course an you have your answer....you should be done with this little tantrum now...as for threatening another mod with being a nuisance, didn't you learn you lesson the first time?.......really, grow up already.....

Ran its course?, it's (was )an unlimited poll, and I have the right to start a new one, thank you.

you guys needs to smarten up and bugger off.

........you need to stop with the insults...you have your answer, why start a meaningless poll about an event that will never happen, ever.....give it up.....

OOOhhh Might be another dead kangaroo!

oh, so your god now, you can see into the future and say that an Ottawa GC will never happen cuz they don't have a team.

THAT'S NOT A FACT!!! never was, never will be, it has always been an opinion, nothing more.

I will not give up, or surrender, who do you think you are messing with?

........I am messing with no one....literally and figuratively.....the GC will never happen in Ottawa as long as they do not have a team....why can you not understand this pretty simple concept?.....

cuz it's not set in stone their is no written law in the CFL that says the Grey Cup has to be hosted by a city with a CFL team, anywhere!

it could just as well a person could say they want an American city to host the Grey Cup, that, to me, is a pipe dream now, but they have a right to say that.

you are just imposing your will on me for no reason whatsoever, the poll should be going now, cuz all I did was make one stupid comment cuz a stupid idiot messed with my poll, which is proper cause to warn someone to knock it off, and start again when I poll was locked for no reason whatsoever.

when somebody makes a stupid comment, like me, it gets edited, the whole thread doesn't get locked cuz that isn't proper cause to lock a thread and wreak it for everyone.

it is on these grounds that I made a new thread and a poll, and started again. No body has the right to stop me.

the moon is rising...

Have you ever noticed how nowadays its not threads that get hijacked, but complete forums? To quote Susan Powter, "STOP THE INSANITY!!!"

if the mods weren't powertripping, and have done their job, which should be now:

  1. Unlock the Ottawa GC thread
  2. delete/edited my comment in question
  3. delete the third opinion, which curiously, they have done to cover their tracks.

if the poll wasn't messed with in the first place, none of this would have happened.

if they do the above, the insanity will stop.

.......you are right, no one has the power to stop you from opening up stupid posts that have no logic behind them.......beat you brains out brother, it's your shredded reputation at stake not mine.....and do stop making death threats and threats of lesser violence, it will be the secnd undoing of your online persona if you don't.....here are some ideas you can use freely and without charge for new polls:

a) Should the GC be held three times a year,
b) Who would win, the Jets or the GC winner?
c) Should a trout be allowed to sing the national anthem?
d) Meds, good or bad?
e) The BB uniform needs tassels, but what colour should they be?

do you ever take any seriously?

can’t believe that they would make a punk like you a mod.

the world HAS gone mad.

Green. Definitely green tassels.....

....hey punk, feeling lucky?....oh hey, that third option seems to be back.....about that death threat KK, did you intend it to be random, or do you have a specific person in mind?.....

I'm a psycho, I'll kill anybody, heck, I almost killed myself a day ago.

Seriously, any threat is to get you guys to knock it off, if I will kill anybody, I would kill myself before hand.

but honestly, RW, WTF mate? your never serious about anything it seems, the only time I have ever seen you get serious was one time I bought the AP up, the whole "IT'S TRADISION" argument. You make jokes and stuff at the wrong times. With my posts, at least the are made at the right times, and it's VERY EASY to tell when I'm serious and when I want to joke around.

Why don't you just let me start a new thread with the poll? hm? nothing wrong with it, god knows it will likely be like other threads, just die a death w/o any replies.

I wish I were joking about the thoughts of suicide, but I'm not.

.......you need help and you should get some right away.......

.....you know what, what the hell do I care what polls you come up with?....I don't.....in fact, I'll do you one better....make up your stupid poll, any stupid poll, and I'll friggin sticky it for you........seriously you go right friggin now to the off topic area, create your little masterpeice and I'll sticky it.....the world is NUTS....

this Ottawa poll doesn’t need a sticky, just needs to keep on going, like my other polls. I can tell you what topic I like to to stick on CFL Talk, which would delight everyone, not just me (and no, no AP and rules involded, unless it comes up, god forbid)


[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=6714]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... pic&t=6714[/url]

.......nope, I'm not stickying that on CFL talk....there are too many stickies going on there right now anyway.....

then forget the sticky thing, cuz it doesn't go anywhere else (it's not other football, or off topic).

Why can we just unlock the Poll, and I will personally edit my post, and make an apology to everyone?


.......I didn't lock it, you'll have to bounce that one off ro....

.....but I do have an alternate suggestion, seeing that you are obviously embarrassed by what you wrote (and so you should be), I'll move it to the mod area.....