OOPs I did it again part III

And once again JOnes & company make the Riders look stupid. https://twitter.com/3DownNation

LOl how about someone give Jones and Murphs a CFL rule book as a present? Man this is getting real old.

yeah...heard about this. I actually highly doubt this is on Jones but the buck stops with him. I would be willing to bet he asked someone to look into setting up a camp in a couple Canadian cities and that person did not do their homework...can't see that he would have legs in arranging this. Fairly surprised someone making these kinds of arrangements would not know the rules around it because it is pretty black and white in the bylaws...if they have never done something before then simply contact the league and ask...which hell...maybe they did but the league overlooked it and called it all good as well and only realized the error once they were contacted...no idea

Personally I think this rule needs wiped out...there is little benefit to it. All that has happened now is that the potential to discover some Canadian talent not on the radar has been lost...which is not good for anyone. Having the camp doesn't mean they can poach a Montreal listed player. All this does is try to put a tryout in a location that some Americans can trek up for, but also some Canadians can attend without passport woes or big expense. IMO the rule needs dropped...ideally I would like to see it amended so you could do the workouts but the territorial team needs to be invited...that is a winning situation for everyone...right now this simply looks bad on the league more than the Riders...Montreal is apparently not having a local workout and has taken that opportunity away from potential players.

I really see this as a nothing deal...it is just bad because grey areas have been getting pushed into the black and white abuse....I love that they are pushing boundaries but there are some rules being clearly broken. If nothing else I hope this gets discussed at the BOG meeting because it is important to get opportunities for the next Rob Bagg to get into this league and this is just a roadblock to that

Yeah probably not all on Jones for sure and thus the & company added. It may be tick tacky and it may be silly but it is still a rule and not something that was just added recently either. That is my point. Read the rue book and if still in doubt make a call and get clarification. In other words use common sense.

Perhaps a good rule of thumb would be if no other team has done it before maybe it would be a good idea to inquire why not?

I'm just so tired of the team looking like its run by a bunch of Bozo's that have no clue on what they can and can't do

Totally agree....like I said they whould have called the league if they had not done it before....but also they may very well have. I am not saying they did...they probably didn't...but someone from the league very easily could have said 'I see no issue' because honestly...there really is no issue with it...and then got 'oopsed' when Kavis called it in.

never good to see these things happen but I really see this as nothing. I also think that their track record is blown out of proportion as well. They had an incident where they pushed some grey area in the extra players and honestly the CFL would have had nothing to pin on them had they not brought a certain player on the 6 game out 1 time for 20 minutes to see where he was at recovery wise because they lost 2 starters ahead of him....they ended up airlifting a player in to help for a week or 2 because their test to see if he could come off the 6 early was a ney. Sure it was not in the spirit of the rule...but that aside they could not have actually need nailed for any of that. I am a fan of pushing the boundaries and if the odd one bites you so be it...so long as there is long term gain and personally I think where things are heading looks promising long term. What else was there...some injuries made them F up with ratio in a game...not intentional....big whoop. Speculation on Johnny football...which I don't buy at all based on looking at it from angles and also talking to someone in Hamilton on it.

The stuff that bothers me is more the "win with some class" comments and things like that....along with needing to get his fricken emotion out of the game late...he needs to focus on coaching in the last 3 minutes and is missing things. Things like his pregame BS a few years back piss me off...but he has corrected that so fine.