Oops I did it again part deux?

Well once again Jones & Co are under siege for possibly a very very serious violation of possibly have worked out Johnny Manziel just prior to the Pro Bowl on Jan27. http://3downnation.com/2017/02/09/riders-workout-johnny-manziel-2/

Manziel's negotiation rights belong to Hamilton. Jones is denying it but Manziel had some interesting tweets that have since "vanished" that did suggest there was something happen. Manziel is also now denying any such thing occurred. the CFL is now investigating and both Hamilton and the Riders have made suggestion of legal action being taken.

I think there probably is something to it but whether it ever comes to light who knows. I do know is once again the Riders take yet another hit to their rep . Not a big shock with what we have seen from this administration so far.

If this is proven to have taken place then some very serious repercussion could occur to the team and if that happens someone needs to take the fall. The BOD has buried its head in the sand so far concerning past transgressions but I think it is time for them to come out of the shadows and let it be known this sort of thing is not acceptable. If they do not then they have failed the Rider Organization and its fans of being responsible, trustworthy, and of having any integrity.



Dunk better be digging for more intel / proof or preparing to oust his source here. There are massive consequences to this if he can not back it up because he is not speculating he is straight up stating it and "100% backing it"

if his source thought they saw more than they did he could be in some serious trouble here. Of course if he can substantiate it Jones is likely done.

Seriously? Do you think even if he was working out Manziel that would warrant banishment. Manziel is on Ham's neg. list and if Sask wanted to sign him they would have to negotiate something after the workout.

Is this transgression, if it happened, considered that serious?

And what were the contexts of the missing tweets?

Yes it is very serious and unless they had permission from Hamilton (obviously they didn't) then I could see a possible draft pick being implicated? I would imagine the league would come down hard especially after last years violations. Fines for sure and probably a very heavy one too, I don't know but no you just can not have anyone work out for your team if someone else has their rights, neg list or whatever. You would be in violation of the rules and probably the CBA certainly the players association would have a field day with this.

As for the missing tweets their was wording in it from what I had seen that would suggest something occurred. I regret not grabbing them at the time but Dunk or someone else probably did before breaking this, or they would have been smart to have done so. Dunk is no dummy and he would have surely realized that his "source" was solid as he would have known that it would probably be denied and the fall out for a false accusation could be very detrimental to him financially and career wise.

Why would he pick Manziel out of the air to fabricate a story on? I mean so many players out there and to just pull this one out of a hat? Hmm nope it doesn't add up. Now I'm not saying that Jones did it personally but with all the "no rock unturned" and all the scouts they have out there "exploring" options who knows? Yes Jones said no one on Rider staff worked him out either but we also heard him say no player practiced illegally also and that wasn't the truth either so again who knows.

There is no question someone is spilling information for whatever reason but so far the information has been solid and yes someone has it out for the team and Jones with little doubt. This could get real messy before its all said and done.


sorry…posting issue

sorry...posting issue

depends entirely on how one defines the workout.
IMO if it actually happened....

  • was it a legitimate 3rd party or or open workout that they happened to be at...then no...that is nothing.
  • were they at that and tried to lure him to the team or talk contract...if so then probably a stiff fine, maybe a pick depending on how bad it was
  • did they actually arrange a workout even through a 3rd part with intent...IMO it should be an expulsion, yes.

if they arranged something then he needs to pay hard...but...


one can say what they want about the transgressions with extra bodies last year...but they can not say Jones ever denied it...he showed the CFL. pretty clear statement above....so yeah...they do a lot of contract scouting (I mean ffs...Murphy was in on an agency or whatever) so very easily could have been someone checking him out that was not actually working for the club in any fashion and they had zero knowledge of it. Both sides are saying no...so barring a photo of an actual staffer working him out...I have a hard time believing that this is not something that was read into way too much by someone.

and Jimmy...from anything that I have seen anything that supposedly went down was leading up to the Sr Bowl (Jan 27th)....not the Pro Bowl (Jan 29th) and he deleted/closed his entire twitter account on the 23rd mid-afternoon shortly after his tweet to Trump....that tweet seemed to fall in line with the thought process of why he axed his twitter...


He later explained:
“Twitter has been nothing but a distraction for me. I’ve said all I can say,? Manziel told TMZ Sports. “Now I need to shut the hell up and work on bettering myself and my situation.?

also watch the video below...seems like it was all adding up to poof the account.

[url=http://nesn.com/2017/01/johnny-manziel-explains-why-he-deleted-twitter-after-donald-trump-advice/]http://nesn.com/2017/01/johnny-manziel- ... mp-advice/[/url]

I give the man props....he called himself out for being an arse and seems legit in wanting change.

Haven’t been this happy in a long time man. I appreciate all the people in my life who reached out during the truly rough patches in ’16

— Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2) January 19, 2017

No lie.. I was a douche in 2016 I’m just trying to be a good PERSON again#LostInTheSauce

— Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2) January 19, 2017

Nah. Admitting is the first step <!-- m -->https://t.co/xyMTqNpnGH<!-- m -->

— Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2) January 19, 2017

Have to LIVE these words not just TWEET them ?

— Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2) January 19, 2017

he is saying the right things...hope it sticks (off subject I know, but I had to give the guy some props on the effort)