So much for the game against Hamilton! A tough way to lose a game in Hamilton. Full credit to the Lions for giving it their best- especially Sanders. The Lions were simply outplayed. Well, so much for sealing first place up next week at B.C. Place but it is still a critical game and the Lions still have a shot at 1st but they could also still finish off in 3rd if things do not go right. Now we go to plan B. We need to win our two remaining games and we seal first place so there is still reason for optimism. But.... beating Edmonton next week means we could still theoretically finish out the season in 1st place even if we lose our last game but it would depend on what Edmonton and Calgary do. Calgary would have to lose at least one game and the Esks would have to lose their last game if we beat them next week. A loss against Edmonton and we cannot finish in 1st place.

Can the Lions pull it off next week? Lemme see:

Lulay: injured
Foster: injured
Gore: still injured
Elimimian: injured
Harris: injured
Brown: injured

That is half of the offensive team!! Hmmmmm....hopefully most if not all of these guys will be 100% by next week.

It would be better for the lions to let the injured heal and be more concerned about that than what place they finish. I have every confidence that a healthy lions teams can make a successfull 94 type run for the cup from 3rd place. However, what good does it do to limp into 1st or 2nd.

I usually agree with many of your comments FBYB but you overlook a couple of key things:

  1. 3rd spot means having to play away
  2. 3rd spot means having to play an extra bruising game...away, if they should win the semi-final. Playing in the semi-final could translate into even more injuries.
  3. Letting up in the final two games does not mean they will not take on additional injuries during those games.
  4. Resting their players now and risking losing 3 in a row can translate into mind games. They need to beat Edmonton because they may well face Edmonton in the semi or the Western Final. They need to beat Montreal because if the end up in the Grey Cup they may well face Montreal under the dome.
  5. A 1st place finish gives them a couple weeks to rest and a chance to play before the hometown crowd. Playing at home can figure big.

I'm not saying they cannot repeat what they did in '94. Don't get me wrong. I just think they need to play for the win.

it could be as you say, however

I never said they should let up as far as effort goes, only that already injured plays should be rested and not forced into action too soon. I am suggesting ONLY that INJURED players be rested.

as an aside, for this yr, we might not have a home playoff game even if we should, thanks to bcgea :thdn:

I missed most of the game tonight, what happened to Lulay, does it sound serious? Or just banged up a bit?

Twisted ankle.........not serious or deeply sprained. Beagle could be correct also

Something to do with his foot. He could not put weight on his heel. He was pointing to the Achilles. They tried taping it up more but to no avail.

I agree. If the player is not 100%, don’t put him in but if he is then they should for the reasons I’ve stated.

Re: The BCGEA thing. I’ve no idea what the latest is on that but I doubt very much that the semi or Western Final if played here will be cancelled. Just my gut instinct.

hopefully it's not a tear or partial tear of the tendon. That may finish his season and I'd love to see a healthy Lulay in the playoffs. He's an exciting QB and can only improve.

That was the first thought that came to mind when the announcer said Achilles. He would be done for the season even with a partial tear. I think the fact they were trying to put more tape on means it was not the Achilles. Let's hope it is only a minor sprain. Thing is that with all of that tape, he was still still able to twist the ankle. It might be more serious once the tape comes off. This is not good.

Well if he is able to twist the ankle himself, then he should be fine for at least the playoffs if not next game.
And an achilles tear would be one of the more painful injuries one can incur, so again, hopefully it's nothing serious.

If Lulay is out, then Lions are done.

Their injuries coming into this one were not good, but losing a few more guys tonight will not help things, not to mention they played aweful!

Heal up boz and let's get back to it!!

Well the lions were lucky to make it through this far in the season without to many serious injuries, but like every team it will catch up to you sometime in a season.