colours? (lol)

Looks like Montreal Alouette colours to me (yuck)'s the website for this American football team.......noooooo, wait!'s a baseball team.....:lol:

(I vote that if they poached the logo without permission, let 'em have it's free marketing for us right?) :rockin:

I think these guys may be getting a cease and desist order. Looks like a brand infringement, or a theft, despite the intentions.

Our undertaker paid some serious cash to create the new brand for many purposes including controlling its use.

At least the red tongue doesn't look out of place.

Yeah, I hear does look like fairly big league but I do notice this particular website hasn't been updated since last season......

I can't see the baseball team ever having had permission to use the logo with a colour change and removal of the "TM" or "R" which indicates the trademark status.

So, I wonder how the Marshalltown Tiger-Cats are doing this year anyways?....... 8)

Not only that, the logo they have on the caps (and in the background of the website), is an outright t'ief of the one for the Minnesota Twins. Sure, it's amateur baseball these guys play, but all the same.

let them keep it,it's an ugly logo anyway

It's a kids league! LOL! Check out the team photos. I can't see the Cats making a stink over it. I highly doubt this league is making money, so what's in it to make a fuss about?

Maybe one of the kids on the team drew up the original and we stold it off them. Always thought it looked like "Middle School" art work! Makes more sense than to think we paid a commercial artist to do it.