Ooooh.... nailbiter....

I'll go with O'mahony, he did it last year. It's possible. If you beg and plead hard enuff. I did. Remember last year?

50,000+ all all hold their breath. O'mahony lines up... snap... follow thru... it's up... it's... It's good!!! BRING :evil: NOISE!!!

-and then-

What a defensive play!!! Oh SHTICK it comes down to this, if McCallum misses... missmissmissmissMISS!!... HE MISSED!!! We're going to the GREY CUP, WE ARE GOING TO THE SHOW BABY!!!!!!!!

Ooooh... I just got the shivers... this is gonna be goood...

Ok, my shivers have stopped. I've sobered up, this is 2005.

I'm gonna go with O'Mahony and if he misses, I'm getting Bobby to call up Hamilton: Boreham and a first rounder for Printers (sorry Casey, Casey my man...) plus 20 bucks gets them O'mahony and his gumboots!

...Buono kicks it himself......

Now thats a scary poll.

Bring back Lui..... O'Missy will live up to his name!

A true Lions fan would have faith in our kicker, no matter who it is. I think you guys are being harder on O'Mahoney than you need to be. Just believe!!!

I am a beleiver. I beleive we need to score enough points that we don’t have to rely on Duncan.

Good beliefs Sport.

O'Mahoney would miss!

O'Mahoney would miss!

Just a thought about the string of Lui's successors (inappropriate word choice) and hey, here's a name.... Curtis Head.

Seriously, anyone remember him? He was just out of college, prob 21yrs old and from what I recall he did a decent job placekicking. I believe he wore the number 7 too. Anyone know what ever happenned to the guy?

And I think it was O'mahony that inherited his job...

He got a better paying job coaching in some US University.

flemming will win the game for us in over time,
go esks!

3rd-down gamble for a TD. They're in the redzone, so why the heck not?

McLoughlin is dressing for the game, all three kickers in fact, but it looks like they have until tomorrow morning to change their mind. On the radio they say Mark kicked twice at practice, both under 40 yarders.

O'mahony looked good apparently says Caravatta...

Other things of note, 1040's Rick Ball predicts 27-20 for the Leos. He thinks that the Leos are due for a huge game and that Dickenson is gonna be at his healthiest the whole season.

Don Taylor says Esks will win, don't recall his prediction. He says momentum is on their side, and that the Eskis beat the hottest team in the league and that the Leos cannot overcome that momentum.

Both agree, however that could end up a track meet and that the Leos need score touchdowns early rather than just field goals.

But if it does come down to field goals.... they're with you Sportsmen, put the Lions in a position whereby they don't constantly need to rely on their fieldgoal unit. Can you say Matt Kellett?

I did and I shuddered... we actually had a kicker worse than O'mahony! I still have hope for him! ...barely!

Your right it will be a close game but BC's gonna win it. I think that O'mahony will get his act together and either kick the winning field goal or not miss a single one.