ooh new look!

is this permanent? looks interesting but I think the colors should be CFL colors.

MadJack ain't gonna like it. It weren't broke, but they fixed it anyway.

I hate it. This is rough on my eyes. :?

I just posted this message and it worked, however I'm in EDIT and submit changes and the screen goes to a funny page that says server cannot be found. Anybody else with problems? :? I don't know, although it seems to be working with double clicking.

After posting, I got sent to a url at forums2.cfl.ca instead of forums.cfl.ca, which gave me a 404 not found error. Probably a residual artifact of the "testing" phase. The post worked, though.

I just logged in on the CFL home page, then to the Eskimo's site (and/or any teams site) and it said welcome backer@oldclarke, so that is working. The only site that doesn't say welcome is Calgary. Then went to the Forum and I'm logged in, so I guess everything seems to be working, and like PiCat says we are in the transition stage.

That’s exactly what happens to me, and it’s getting on my nerves. :x

Edit: That’s actually why i double posted above. I didn’t think it went through.

I hated the old board. This is already an improvement, just because it is not the old board.

It’s Double Blue. That’s an Argonaut bias! Just kidding. The new look looks good.

Ditto.I don't think it's a bias towards any team either, Blue is my favourite colour.I know i'll take a lot of flak from that 1 but black is my favourite shade so maybe that'll even the keel :lol:

I feel like I'm posting on a baby forum for moms. Should we start discussing our kids? Mine kept me up all night with colic. :?

Just a guess, but I'm thinking that something is going on with the actual look, and it screwed up some how so they replaced it with the basic view until they can get the real look fixed. At least that's what it looks like to me.
Again just a guess.

Never mind the colour scheme, the performance is much is improved. It should also be way faster on my pokey 3G connection.

Bang on PiCat. . . it wasn't broke but someone got paid money to fix it anyway. Make-work project to justify their existence.

Yup, board is a lot faster since the upgrade. No complaints from me.

not fond of the colors scheme, but I suppose I can get used to it, if we have to. :expressionless:

Maybe they could make it a habit to change the color to some resemblance of the colors of each grey cup winner.

I think black and orange woud look great :smiley: :rockin:

[b]Hmmmm...... won't let me log in from cfl.ca. I had to go to ticats.ca. Wonder why.... perhaps it was going to be my displeasure with the A%^# double-blue colors.

Let's see. If we can't go with the colors of any team it looks like we need to go with black-and white, brown and pink, or aqua and purple.[/b] :slight_smile:

Anyway, I keep getting the following message (but only for the login)
"Firefox can't find the server at www2.cfl.ca."

Same with me Mark, something is screwy. I could look in through cfl.ca but then it logged me out when I tried to post. Weird.

Anyways the new colour scheme is fine with me, might take some getting used to though. Prefer the other colour scheme at this point.

This cannot be the final look of the forum. They must be making adjustments to a skin or something. There at least needs to be some type of header that identifies this forum as being the official forum for the League. Hopefully they'll fix the skin faster than they fixed the problems from a few months ago.