Onto the Argos!

Now that Ottawa has been defeated, our attention must turn to our rivals down the QEW. I know a lot of fans are tired of Rogers' Centre Security, I know a lot of fans don't like the sightlines, I know a lot of fans are going to Ottawa to see their new digs and don't want to head to TO.

To you I can only say, this game will likely be the most important game of the season. If we pull out a win, we earn the tiebreak over the Argos, and have Ottawa and Montreal @home left to finish the season. If we lose, there is a real chance we might not make the cut. Pack the Argo shack, don't give Ricky Ray a second to talk in the huddle without noise or his linemen a chance to hear the snap count.

It's a Saturday game, hope to see you there.

I agree we should pack the house i will be there

Im in.

Whats the record for buses filled with Cats fans heading to toronto?

I seem to remember awhile back that there was a trip to an important game vs the blue team and the number of buses was about 17 or 18. ?????

That would be an incredible amount.I was going to suggest smashing the record but yah 17 18 is just wow

i received an e-mail from the Cats with an offer from the Argos for discounted tickets for the game on the 25th. i got my 7. one of the best football experiences was last year's EF in the dome. let's try to duplicate that atmosphere this Saturday.

to get this offer go to https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/argonauts/EN/promotion/home and enter the promo code TC2014

Let's put the Hammer down on Toronto next Friday night at the Roger's Centre, Revenge is sweet and beating the Arblows is even sweeter, they are such a dirty team, they take cheap shots and never get flagged for it and they think their own crap doesn't smell, well it does and it's pretty bad!!!

It time to Rock and Roll over Toronto, Tiger-Cats and Hammer the Argo's!!



I agree with everything you said BIGCAT - except the game is Saturday in Toronto - not Friday. :smiley:

If Caretaker asks us to go I will plug my nose and make the drive down to that concrete bowl.

With the Argos losing that game to the Als, next week just became doubly as important. We win that game, and we pretty much all but slam the playoff door shut on the Argos getting into the post season and we will clinch. If they lose, they would not be able catch up to us, even if we losed out, as we will hold the tiebreak over them. Toronto won't have enough games to make up the difference.

If we win, the rest of the season is fighting the Als for the Y seed, if we will lose we lose control of our destiny.

Correction, my understanding of the Tiebreak is incorrect. If we win this game, lose out and Toronto wins out and Montreal loses out, we could get knocked out due to tiebreaking rules. That being said, it would be a huge blow for the Argos who would need to run the gauntlet @home vs the Als and beat Ottawa, and we would have to fail to beat Ottawa and fail to beat the Als @home.

A win doesn't let the Argos control their own destiny.

Just win baby!

:thup: :thup: :thup: Works for me!!! :D