Onterrio Smith in danger of being cut

I got this from the Score ticker: Onterrio Smith is in danger of being cut. It doesnt help that he has a foot injury. Any thoughts on this?

I don't think its that big of a deal for the Bluebombers. Roberts is more adapted to the CFL game and would probably end up starter anyways IMO.

they wont cut him, i dont think....he might miss a few games, but.

then again, he is outta shape, and being injured, not participating in camp doesnt help him get into shape.

Really is that a big suprise except for Yogi and Winnipeger!

I cant see them keeping him around. Too
heavy coming in, killed his chances.

Henri Childs has been a huge surprise at camp.....while Onterrio sits with a sore foot...the ex games will decide who sticks and who goes....

He will get hungry just running into the huddle! ha ha ha rent a flat bed truck and send him back!

Sitting on the sidelines with an injured foot cant be helping his chances either....

What someone slam the fridge door on his foot! ha ha ha ha

Yes they willl have a one two punch alright!

there is also the old lower body injury theory....many of the vets seem to come down with it after a few days of camp...smith showed some serious wheels the day before the injury occured...

What he drove a grocery truck to the stadium ha ha ha ha

"Slammed his foot with the fridge door."


Good one rw2005!!

hey 05…how are those dozen or so bomber rejects doing in camp this season…most will likely be starters no doubt…

What dozen rejects???

look at the roster......

Why would we want your rejects???

When i think of rejects i think of McGarity
and Peterson and you guys telling us how good theyll be in blue. LOL

doesnt change the fact you have a dozen or so former bombers on your roster now does it....

I know we've got a few former bombers trying
out, but lets be honest here, none are what youd
call people expecting to be key contributors.

Those will be Burris, Reynolds, Allen, Lewis,
Copeland, Rambo, Grace, Maxie, Clarke.(oops)

Piggy, Piggy what are we going to do with you? I did not list you with the Yogi's and the Hellothere's and the Winnipeger no did I? Remember what I said that Taman has a bad habit of trading or letting all the good Bomber players go to other teams now did I not say that? Tell me Clark is a reject yet I keep reading certain bomber fans saying dam give us Clark back, or dam Taman why did they let this player go! I guess you are referring to Lysak. Hey the guy is doing great here and he will do very well! This could be because he is playing for a real defense now!

I dont understand his point. I just counted
seven former Stamps on his roster. So what?