Onterrio Smith a Bomber

Just signed today......wow...if Charlie can get along with this guy.....i think we will compete quite nicely in the East.....good luck trying to defend these guys.....bring it on ....can't wait to see these guys in a backfield set.....wowzerrrrrrrrr. :smiley:

You have that right. If Charles can accept Smith what a strain that would put on the defence. Having to keeps both in check would occupy the dl's and lb's leaving some holes up the field. But from what it soulds like, Smith will see limited action in the backfield. Still, it would be better than having keith. Now let's get Mr. Hebert to come and play some serious D.

Don't be to sure the Smith will see limited action in the Backfield..LeBird..
The Ball goes to the man moving it ...we all know what Roberts can do..
Smith might equal that...and raise the Bar..making Roberts better..
If Smith brings his game to town, he'll be a game breaker...
As red05 says...it does bring hype to the CFL....Go Bombers..

i am a bear

I am a Tank..

..i am a papa....but is Lebird ...a bird....lol :roll:

Must be because they keep calling me the old crow.

so Roberts is gonna stay?

yeah but he wont be at camp cuz hes getting married

well, Roberts Congrats!

never heard about that

really u didnt knwo that? it was everywher

i heard roberts got married but not that he would miss training camp for it

I heard Tommy Chong will be helping Smith kick the habit.
Tommy: No you roll it this way and it has to be much bigger ho ha ho!

...the only thing Smith should be concerned about kicking is opposition 'butts'...(not the smoking kind).... sounds like he has turned a cornor in his life..and deserves a shot at getting back on track....his comments make him look like a real team guy to me....it'll be interesting to see how he performs up here....right now he's studying the rule book....it'll be a learning curve at first...thats for sure... :!:

I sure hope he understands truthfully in his heart, this could be his last stop, on the highway, which leads to No More Footballville. Blow this chance and a life of Pro football with Pro wages is over. Smith is in a battle with drugs and I hope he comes through like the Warrior he is....so far so good....I'm cheering for ya...

to be honest, I really believe he doesnt care..... its one thing to say that you are a changed man, but quite another to actually show that you are.... Im curious about something though.... you are all defending Smith, but would you be saying the same things if he were a Stamp, Eskimo or Rider??

Of course we would sing the same tune, us Bomber fans are concerned about the well being of every athlete that competes in the CFL. Who do think we are, Prider Fans...

does that even need to be asked

....well sambo....if Smith has truly made changes in his life.....wouldn't there have to be a time element involved....to actually show that he has....not 24hrs, not two weeks.....This guy has to be given enough time to prove himself.Like others have pointed out....if he blows it...that will probably be the end of a talented football players' career....We will see how he performs...on and off the field....I am sure he won't let the Bomber fans down....and most importantly himself :arrow: :!: