Ontario's Team!

Well, we all know that deep down, Hamilton has love for Toronto (i.e. Maple Leafs), now how about you cheer for Ontario's BETTER team, the Toronto Argonauts!

See, this is why I am in Quebec now. LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

go home.

HAHA Maple Leafs....what we can go another 30 years oh so not winning to match their record.....haha....

That's fine, but the Argos have won the Grey Cup in the 21st century!

Their you go with the childish pee wee hermin rebutals.....go home and play with your own(at least we did this at least we did that)...give me a break you fruit cake....im PI_SED

Your peed off because your team can't win!

Steve id match wits with you but your unarmed....go away......

wits, from a Ti-Cats fan?

interesting... an argo fan spending an awful lot of time in TICAT land! Who do you love?

I love insulting Ti-Cats fans!

Cause you dog got sick of you and ran away?

Much like the Tiger-Cats last night, eh?

if we can forgive Joe,there’s certainly room for an ex-argoNOT. Welcome.

actaully... we love hating the argos,we love that a game at skydome is beyond boring, we love the thoughtless ugly double blue uiforms, we love the pinball interviews(very,very funny) and most af all we love saying "ARGOS SUCK". Sorry no room for you!

NOW THAT'S how a REAL TEAM loses by 20 points! :wink:

Enjoy Montreal on Thursday! :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Why aren't threads like this deleted?

Strange how there has been no new posts from the author since the end of the BC game.

NOW THAT'S how a REAL TEAM loses by 24 points! :stuck_out_tongue:



I actually missed the slaughter, so I will watch the replay tomorrow on RDS at 1:30.

This may be some comfort before the Winnipeg rematch. All I have to say is, gloating on either side of the Ballard Cup clash at this juncture is pretty pathetic. :stuck_out_tongue: