On a scale between 1 and 10 How much trouble would the Cats and Argos be in IF the Bills in the last decade or more were a successful team?


Hamilton wouldn’t be in trouble.

I know a ton of football (NFL) fans in this city. I know a single Bills fan, and they are a bigger packers fan, just like the bills as well.

The Bills don’t have a fanbase in the Hammer.

Ticats have a fanbase that extends from Hardcore fans through to those who just want to spend a few hours out and have some beers and a good time.

When Buffalo was pullling a CalStamp’er, and losing in all the SB games, The Ticats were still selling tickets.

TO is another story. The bandwagon hoppers love to hop on whatever is popular at the time (ie, TFC or Blue Jays or whatever).

Trick question. Neither the Bills, the Lions nor the Browns will ever be good again.

Whats interesting is those are three closest teams to visit and watch for most Ontarions .

Yet they are repeatedly poor .

Have a sentimental rooting interest for the Browns , have a CFL rooting interest in the Bills and have no interest in the Lions .

Browns gotta love a team with no logo on the helmet plain Jane with no cheerleaders , no pizzazz just brown bag football team with a little more Charlie Brown nowadays with Lucie pulling the ball away when kicking a field goal and less Jim Brown running over people . They are just so likeable .

Toronto isn’t a Bills town either. We do love NFL football but not a Bills town. I don’t have one friend that likes the Bills. Myself I’m a Packers fan. But I’m also an Argonaut fan too. I for one love football regardless of what league its played in.

plenty of Dolphins, Steelers, Vikings, 49ers, and Jets fans. The Bills doing well wouldn’t hurt this market.

The issue here in Toronto is that people have this notion of being a big city that supports only the top flight leagues. Unfortunately the CFL isn’t seen that way here. I’ve had numerous arguments with people and they just don’t want to see it any other way.

The Argos can get to a decent point where they can average mid 20k per game. But that will take some work. There are plenty of casual fans that will attend if there is a hype around any given game though.

Buffalo Bills lost to the Hamilton Tiger Cats last time they met

Yeah, many in Toronto want to deny their history and "evolve" into something past all of this. In the US college football towns embrace their history and even though these college teams aren't the NFL, they still go in droves to the stadium to watch their local team, often not always but often, and embrace their history.

Many in Toronto are much more selective about what they want to include and exclude in their history, so it seems to me. For whatever reason. The Varsity Blues football seems to be something that should be shunned, if you will, to be cool despite the rich and storied history of Varsity football. Weird to me but hey, whatever.

Your NOT a good NFL town Toronto...all they are interested in is betting and watching the highlights of games...I don't know many Toronto NFL football fans who sit through an entire game...Toronto sports fans our fans of there city not the sport

Not Leaf Fans.

enough of this Buffalo Bill BS true interest showed when they drew flies for that “Skydome” series lol.
And Toronto is a lost cause as a Canadian city let alone a CFL city.
Most people in that burg now don’t even know they live in Canada.

On one hand, I feel that as a born-and-raised Torontonian, I should defend my city against the verbal attacks above.
On the other hand, I agree with most of what is said in those verbal attacks. :-[

I have resolved that I am a rather un-Torontonian Torontonian.
I am a STH for the Argos, I attend my alma-mater University of Toronto football games when I can, and decided to become a fan of the Buffalo Bills three years ago now that my children are grown and I can attend their games regularly. It is only a 2 hour drive door-to-door from my house to New Era Field - and attending games beats watching them on TV for me.

Yup, not typical Toronto behaviour for sure.