On a scale between 1 and 10 How much trouble would the Cats and Arhols be in IF the Bills in the last decade or more were a successful team?


None, they were successful once. It only matters to the 10K + turncoats that buy Bills season tickets in Ontario.

I can count the amount of Bills fans I know on one hand, its an absolute myth that they own Southern Ontario, it is basically the Wild West when it comes to picking a team. I have friends who support the Rams,Eagles, Bengals, Jets, Packers, Steelers, Cowboys, Niners, Patriots, Vikings … I don’t think it’d make much of difference to answer your question.

The Lions are more popular in Southern Ontario than the Bills

don't know a single bills fan here in Hamilton. not one.

but i do know a bunch of folks that go to bills games when they are playing their favourite teams....mainly dallas and green bay.

I think the NHL in Hamilton would hurt the cats more than the Bills ever would..

I'm not 100% sure it would....because...NHL is a different crowd.

Hamilton is changing quickly...the demographics are starting to split greatly.

I'm a mid 30's professional that works in Toronto, but is a born/bred Hamiltonian. Still live here.

NONE of my "professional" friends go to Ticat games. All my childhood friends do. The true Hamiltonians.

But, if Hamilton got a NHL team, the folks going to those game would be all the new Hamiltonians...the ones that have driven up the house costs, the ones supporting all the new fancy dining establishments....the ones I work with.

I hear ticat fans complain about the extremely ridiculously cheap Ticat tickets being expensive?!

Very few ticat fans will kick out $120+ to go to a Hamilton NHL game.

But Hamilton has a large core of people who will....many of them just aren't the same folks going to a Ticat game....

If the Bills are/were so popular in Southern Ontario, how come no one went to the games that were at the Skytomb.

NHL would never hurt hamilton. nothing would. CFL is extremely strong coast to coast and even in the U.S.A

Thats like saying the Bulls hurt the blackhawks. if you live in the city i'm sure you have interest in either NHL or CFL.

I didnt say they were popular.

Lets say they pull off a run like the Pats have, great teams year after year. Does Ontarios CFL teams feel it.

The Bills havent been relevant in what 30 years? So its understandable people in Ontario arent picking them as their favs.

When was the last time the Leafs were "relevant"?

Tons and tons of folks in Southern Ontario still love them.

It's interesting how many folks think the NFL is the main game around...it isn't.

Whether Buffalo win the superbowl, or finishes last, not many truly care.

The NFL is the NFL. Over hyped, over rated, and boring.

But it’s still more popular than the CFL in Toronto and the Bills attract more Canadians to their games than the Argos. The TV ratings for the NFL in Toronto are high the TV ratings for the CFL in Toronto are pathetic.

Actually how silly of me ...while i still think it would have more of an impact than the bills would...
when i read these boards i have to remember that if your to be a real cfl fan your not allowed to be a fan of anything else.
but even if its 10 fans saving up for a more expensive ticket i still think it would have more impact than the bills would.
But you'll never know its not coming

Yes. A moot point. The NHL will never be in Hamilton.

Well SAID. Buffalo is great for there wings!!!! But that's it. Boring city.

Do you have proof of Toronto CFL TV numbers? The numbers that we are given are for TSN as a whole, and often include RDS in Quebec. We are not told that X number of viewers are from Toronto while Y viewers are from Calgary. We are not told this info. So you cannot say that Toronto CFL TV numbers are pathetic when you don't know what they are. The Toronto Hamilton LD classic had 900k viewers on TSN which is hardly pathetic. How many of them are Hamilton viewers and how many are Toronto viewers, and how many are Winnipeg viewers is anybody's guess.