Ontario to allow 15,000 spectators as of July 16

Ontario moves to Phase 3 five days earlier than planned on July 16th. Among the pages and pages of rules the pertinent ones for the CFL are these.

Sports and fitness

Facilities used for indoor or outdoor sports and recreational fitness activities
16. (1) Facilities used for indoor or outdoor sports and recreational fitness activities may open if they comply with the following conditions:

  1. In the case of an indoor facility, the total number of members of the public permitted to be in the facility at any one time must be limited to 50 per cent of the capacity of the facility, as determined in accordance with subsection 3 (3) of Schedule 1.

  2. The number of spectators at the facility at any one time must not exceed the following limits:

i. In the case of a facility that has a designated area for indoor spectators, 50 per cent of the usual indoor seating capacity, or 1,000 persons, whichever is less.

> In the case of a facility that has a designated area for outdoor spectators, 75 per cent of the usual outdoor seating capacity, or 15,000 persons, whichever is less.

Every outdoor spectator must wear a mask or face covering in a manner that covers their mouth, nose and chin, unless they are entitled to any of the exceptions set out in subsection 2 (4) of Schedule 1, or are seated with members of their own household only, and every member of the household is seated at least two metres from every person outside their household.

  1. The person responsible for the facility, or, where there is no such responsible person, the person holding a permit for the use of the facility must post a sign in a conspicuous location visible to the public that states the capacity limits under which the facility is permitted to operate.

  2. The person responsible for the facility, or, where there is no such responsible person, the person holding a permit for the use of the facility, must,

i. record the name and contact information of every member of the public who enters the facility,

ii. maintain the records for a period of at least one month, and

iii. only disclose the records to a medical officer of health or an inspector under the Health Protection and Promotion Act on request for a purpose specified in section 2 of that Act or as otherwise required by law.

  1. The person responsible for the facility or, where there is no such responsible person, the person holding a permit for the use of the facility, must actively screen individuals who enter the facility in accordance with the advice, recommendations and instructions of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health before they enter the faci

15,000.. so well beyond the Argos maximum draw.. back to normal!


4th wave here we come!!!!!!!!

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That is me at Ottawa’s home opener. Gnarly.

NO, a fourth wave will not come. It has been quite successfully demonstrated across Canada that the vaccination program is working. This will prevent a fourth wave. There may be some outbreaks but nothing that could be considered a wave.


Yes Numbers are way down....but they were way down last year at this time as well!
While I do believe it is because of the vaccine. I am not willing to risk another lockdown because of it

And that is not even touching the fact that many highly vaccinated countries are being hit with a 4th wave

Was thinking the exact same thing. Where will the Argos get the additional 3000 fans?

Wow talk about pot and kettle
Funny I heard BC never came close to cracking 20K last season
You also had games with as low as 15K last season so on some nights the Argos outdrew you!

Argos also (consistently) outdrew Lions on the road as well

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Argos also use scanned entry when they announce attendance. So some of their better attended games draw better than some actual Lions and Als games.

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You’re right. Didn’t crack 20K but they’re still way ahead of the Argos. You also had games with as low as 9000 fans in the stands. The Argos outdrew absolutely nobody the last season football was played. Nice try though.
BC as a franchise is lying on the side of the road with barely a pulse.
The Argos are in the morgue with a toe tag

It's actually sad when both franchises are getting outdrown by a 3rd or 4th division rate league like the MLS.


Absolutely. Especially when in both cities the CFL teams had nearing and over a century head start on the aforementioned 3rd or 4th rate soccer league and yet still get outdrawn but them. But it’s all good if you talk to the CFL head office. Let’s see what non existent football league we can attach ourselves to next cause we all
Know THATS what’s gonna turn the ship around.

You can include Montreal with Toronto & BC
Montreal barely outdrew BC, and the fact they were so much better on the field and noone saw it is kind of sad
The last owners simply walked away from the sinking ship. Team nearly went bankrupt.

Either way EVMs joke falls flat when considering his local teams "success" in 2019

The fact some of the biggest cities in the CFL are dying is a serious issue for the leagues success

My joke was that in limiting capacity to 15,000 spectators, every single team in the league would need to shed fans-except one; who would be comfortably compliant with the new law.. :laughing:

I wonder how they come up with these numbers.

Biggest difference is MLS social media reach and large amounts of millenial fans. I'm a very casual MLS fan at best, I'll watch the playoffs and attend a Red Bulls game or 2, usually on free or discounted tickets. However, those 15-20k fans are young, hip, and really into the game. Like most people that age though, they're not big television watchers and typically only follow their teams on streaming services or social media apps. Conversely the AL's games I attended a few summer ago drew roughly the same crowds (16-18K) though at the age of 30, I was definitely one of the younger folks in attendance, minus the screaming tween-age girls in front of me who were heavily invested in the cheerleading team.

They use the same secret science for the Cadbury Caramilk Bar .

They spent many seconds of time to come up with 15,000 and one more will be the breaking point .

My belief is they really have nothing to go with and are just using an arbitrary stepping stone number so when they go into the next stage they don't have to go from O to full capacity in one jump .

It looks so much more planned out and scientific if they cautiously remove barriers unlike other areas where they just do it in one swoop .

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Great points and thanks for sharing your experiences as I think they mirror what many have experienced.

Interesting you bring up the cheerleaders in Montreal as the team was going to axe them until they received strong pushback from the fans. Thankfully they actually listened to their customers and brought the team back but that clearly displays they outdated thinking of the league