ontario smith???

is he still in winnipeg??if so why arent they using him???

I thought he got a job selling doughnuts?
Wait. My mistake.
He was eating the doughnuts....

Anyway, he didn't survive training camp.To fat, too slow. Gone. Done.

Ya ever heard of Manitoba Smith? Great player too. Also underused.

yea, Onterrio Smith was in and out of Winnipeg like a fast food restaurant...

Yes he came to Winnipeg out of shape and was cut after the end of the pre-season after losing the back-up running back job to Henri Childs. He ended his career in Winnipeg with 2 carries in 1 pre-season game, and he fumbled on one of them.

I was a big fan of Alberta Jones....never made it off the practise roster though....

I thinks Fat Boy Smith went thru the Drive-Thru section of Bomber training camp.... :lol: :lol:

...didn't do much...cut....last seen being loaded on a flat-bed...heading out of the Peg... :roll:

Ontario Smith! Tom Canada! :lol:

Well his name is actually Onterrio Smith, not Ontario, though it's pronouced the same.

A little off topic, but did anyone else see highlights of him on NFL Primetime a couple of years ago when he played for the Minnesota Vikings? Chris Berman used to always say, "Ontario isn't north of Minnesota...Mantioba is!!!" It was cool seeing Manitoba mentioned on there at least!