Ontario Doesn't Care About Grey Cup?

Ignoring Toronto and southern Ontario isn't going to help the situation there. Any marketer will tell you that you improve your brand through MORE marketing not less. The CFL's biggest marketing event is the G.C. and the biggest G.C. in a 100 years is next year. It makes sense to hold it in your weakest market. Holding it in Edmonton or Winnipeg would be preaching to the congregation.

The league has also hired Canada's leading expert in super-event organization — the same guy who did the Vancouver Olympics. It's exactly what they needed to do, and that's to go balls out to promote the game. For far, far too long the CFL has been hamstrung by lack of money to seriously promote the league in its biggest market. Now it has a chance to get maximum value for its marketing dollars by using an event that will, despite what some in the centre of the universe would rather see, garner maximum media exposure. It's the right thing to do to hold it in Toronto. There are no negatives to holding it there.

Bang on dude!!!!

I agree as well with rpaege here. Sorting of like saying why don't we let Quebec (or any province for that matter) just separate if the perception is or polls or what have you indicate that the province seems to want to separate from Canada. No way, you don't just say ok since there is much more at stake here. Toronto is workable with owners like Braley and C & S perhaps that really do want to see our game and league succeed in a busy and close to the US market like Southern Ontario. Eventually though I think a real football stadium is needed in Toronto, for the CFL or NFL for that matter.

Why must the CFL be compared to the NFL when it is a different and distinct game..

tangle, I don't mean that the actual CFL game is inferior or 2nd rate, far from it, I personally believe that comparing the American to the Canadian game, the Canadian game comes out on top in 98 percent of the rules and thus for me in this aspect the CFL is both superior and 1st rate compared with the NFL. In fact having almost equal Canadians and Americans playing on teams is another plus for the Canadian game even though the talent level would go up perhaps if no import rule was in effect. 4 downs at the pro level is just plain stupid IMHO despite the differences in the rules and I hate the fair catch and the rinky dink size of the American field.

However, as far as leagues go and in how the general joe public out there looks at things ie. big packed fancy stadiums, players salaries, monies generated by the league, players size per position, American television importance and numbers, drafts without looking at imports and non imports etc. the CFL is inferior to the NFL and is what most would call 2nd tier in this aspect, if comparing. But agree, comparing is not the issue, it's trying to look at something on it's own for it's own sake even though it has similarities to something else. This is again difficult for joe public to do, it takes a bit of thought and thinking and as we know, there are many sorts out there who are only able to compare to make a judgement that makes sense for their brains. :wink:

I have had multiple communications via email with Steve Simmons for years. He is totally offended each time I tell him he is no CFL fan.

Steve has written this same article 20 times over 20 years, the words are just juggled around a bit. Steve was part of the big lie that Canadian Sports media all went with some years ago, claiming THE LAST GREY CUP, it was a total lie, front pages of Newspapers coast to coast went with the story..Last Grey Cup

Steve was asking the same question when he would write...only 42,000 at the Argo game, nobody cares he would say. Then he would talk about how nobody was talking about the actual game, but only the troubles of the CFL.

The guy is a total non fan of the CFL, right up there with Brian Williams

The US has 10 times the population of Canada. Therefore:

  • they have 10 times as many people playing the game. (= more elite players to choose from)
  • they have 10 times as many people watching the games on TV. (= bigger TV deals, = better team revenue)
  • they have 10 times as many people trying to make a living reporting on it. (= hype, hype, hype)
  • they have 10 times as many people to fill their stadiums. (= they can charge whatever they want for a ticket ... $500 per ticket per game !! Have you ever looked up what it would cost to see a Chicago Bears game? = they have 10 times as many people frothing at the mouth after paying that much per ticket.)

So you have to talk to 10 times as many people to find a true/good CFL fan :smiley:

Here's a link to the Dave Perkins article. This is all he said

Here and there: Two men who know, one inside the CFL, maintain the Bills-Redskins game sold 29,000 tickets here this fall. The rest were freebies. . . .
[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/leafs/article/1089590--perkins-who-cares-who-owns-leafs-so-long-as-they-win]Dave Perkins[/url]

Funny eh.
This fact was buried in Perkin's article.
This after Damien Cox wrote a big article about how fast Bills tickets were selling?
Obvioulsy there is an effort amongst the Tranna media to denigrate the CFL.
Today Bruce Dowbiggan writes an article slagging the league.
It just never ends from this bunch.

Its obvious there is some kind of a conspiracy amongst Toronto media types to slag the CFL at every opportunity.
Even using non facts to back their claims.
It really is quite sad.
Luckily though I beleive if the Argos can become competetive they will draw close to 30 thou a game.
Which is good for a non football town like Toronto has become.
Where the U of T Blues are lucky to draw 30 a game.

Hey Benji, I will never forget Brunt, the US pro wannabe and NFL cheerleader said proudly on numerous occasions on the McCown show how the fans of Toronto would sellout the NFL Bills series in mere minutes.
Wrong then and now about the demise of the CFL and alleged popularity of the NFL.

That is right ArgoT.
The more you read these guys, the more you realize how clueless they are.

Did you read Damien Cox's article where he said Bills tickets were "going well"?
Well I found out they sold a whopping 29,000 seats.
Who nows for how much? Rest were freebies.

I emailed him about that statement about how tickets were selling.
Here's what he replied to me in his exact words:

"Just let me know when the minors sell those 29,000 tickets"

What a response eh?
He thinks the NFL is major league because it sells half the tickets to the Skydome?
When he was ragging on the CFL for the exact same thing.
Pretty fun yet sad at the same time

The articles show that Toronto media types of jealous of stadiums, football specific stadiums, like BC Place in Vancouver that works and Molson Stadium in Montreal, that while much different than BC Place, works also.

Toronto doesn't have a football specific stadium (BMO is soccer not football) and that bugs the living pee out of them in Toronto. It's actually laughable it's so obvious. :stuck_out_tongue: Hey they built the Skydome for baseball first and it shows, they got what they wanted but now they cry spilt milk. No wonder they had so many freebies for the NFL, people know the stadium isn't a football stadium.

You ain't whistling Dixie Earl.

Ah benji, just came back from a Matthew Barber concert, man this guy is real good. Came into my head with the Whistling Dixie thingy. :wink:

Did you read Damien Cox's article where he said Bills tickets were "going well"? Well I found out they sold a whopping 29,000 seats. Who nows for how much? Rest were freebies.

I emailed him about that statement about how tickets were selling.
Here's what he replied to me in his exact words:

"Just let me know when the minors sell those 29,000 tickets"

"the minors"??
I'm assuming this is a slag against the Argos?

if so, this is proof positive that bias against the CFL exists in certain Canadian media circles.

No Class Cox.

What`s wrong is that Simmons has been bashing the CFL for years

Candy Special underlines Gloomy State of Argos
by Bruce Dowbiggin

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/bruce-dowbiggin/candy-special-underlines-gloomy-state-of-argos/article2248394/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/b ... le2248394/[/url]
Producer Matt Dunn deftly captures Candy’s enthusiasm for a team that, as now, was being rendered passé by Toronto’s cultural elites.

Tangled just another ridiculous article.
None of these guys have a clue.
Really quite sad

The Argos and CFL and Grey Cup are being used as fodder for the city's own ineptness to build a proper football stadium for such a historic and iconic team as the Argonauts. I think there are a lot of people especially in the media who can't believe what was allowed to happen at BMO but are chicken s... to slag MLSE or the city so they just have to insinuate that there was no reason to even care or think much about the Argos.

Bottom line, the Argos had decent local ownership in Cynamon and Sokolowski (not the best but quite ok) and the city couldn't figure out how to make something work and to get the city a proper football facility. Sad. They own BMO for pete sakes even! :o

Well, you could look at it another way too. TO and the rest of S Ontario should be ashamed of themselves for being out supported by every other market in Canada. Maybe they need the criticism to wake up and get their act together, whether they like it or not, those teams represent their cities and reflects directly on them as a fan base. Time to scould the apathetic fans is that market.

I don't know what the agenda is in that city amongst these media types.
They don't seem to want Canada to have any league that doesn't involve the Americans.
Seems they think Toronto should have all the teams in these US leagues, and that Canadians outside
Toronto should all cheer for Toronto's teams!

But Canadian having their own football league and teams to cheer for?
That has become hugely popular?
These guys seem to hate this for some reason.
I think this hatred of the CFL hides a deeper disdain for their own country in my opinion