Ontario Doesn't Care About Grey Cup?

So says Steve Simmons of the Sun.
No facts to back it up.
But he wrote it.

If you aren't interested, don't read it.
If you don't like this topic, move on.

I'm just wondering where he's coming from, and why he felt he had to write this load of

Here's the article

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/GreyCup/2011/11/23/19009921.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 09921.html[/url]

I was not joking when I said 90% of this forum would be better writers than Steve Simmons. Really. It does you no good to read his articles.

Really though, there are a lot of people in Ontario who do care, but it's not as big there as in most of the other provinces that is for sure.

I live in southern Ont. and the apathy for the CFL is apparent. My question is why did the league decide to hold the 100th GC in Toronto. I know the history, but TO has a record of not supporting the event. Any other city in the league would be a wiser choice.

Winnipeg with a brand new Stadium would have been perfect or Edmonton. Winnipeg is the first CFL franchise to build a modern day stadium from the ground up. The sacrifice should be rewarded. Hamilton or Toronto didn't come close to 30 000 this year and they practically give tickets away . When I hear Chief wondering if the game will be shown in the bars and lounges in London, Ont.I cringe. Especially when I hear more expansion talk concerning that area.

Simmons is just trying to get people to read his stuff and the ol' "CFL isn't big in Ontario" rehash that we see rehashed all the time seems to work. That's why they write this stuff, it works, gets people to read. Didn't someone say he is on the Rogers payroll now? I seem to recall this having been mentioned.

The 100th Grey Cup in Toronto is the right thing to do IMHO regardless. This is Canadiana symbolism and iconinism (if that's a word which I don't think it is :wink: )at it's finest and proudest and people from all over the country will be attending, as is the case with any Grey Cup. It's a respect to the history of Canada's football Grey Cup tradition and it doesn't matter how many "Torontonians" or GTA people embrace this occasion, it's just the right thing to do. It'll make Toronto and others look at themselves closely and help them learn more about themselves and the city/area they live in even if that will make some upset, which I love BTW. :wink: Shrug? Well I hope it makes them feel more than just shrugging but gives them the willies. I love it when I wear my CFL stuff and some people give me funny looks. :stuck_out_tongue:

The best thing is Canadian football, the CFL and the Grey Cup isn't hockey. I'm ok with hockey and enjoy watching it but man it gets over the top as too much of Canadiana and that's all we are in the cultural sporting aspect.

you guys do realize that they are trying to rebuild the fanbase up right?

An Ontario southerner here. (Hamilton area)

In my view, loyalties in this region are nearly equally divisive.

Approximately half of the football fans here are NFL junkies, while the other half CFL supporters.
And many of these NFL supporters do in fact snub their nose at CFL ball claiming it's inferiority status and projection as a second tier league.
Having said that, there are still quite a few CFL fans/TiCat fans in general which is clearly evident as the TiCat forums have far more topics posted than even the CFL General forums.

Attendance is not the greatest, (highest was 27,000 week 10 this season) and can improve, although the team record since the millenium has been admittedly pitiful.
A sense of pride still remains among many residents here though..

As for Toronto, fan apathy is apparent likely due to the fact that most residents view the CFL as not a worthy product for such a "world class" Metropolitan.

I may be incorrect, although it appears to be the case.

I've been to quite a few GCs in Tor. including the 92 game where the scalpers were outside the Skydump trying to sell good seats for 10 bucks. I think I paid over a hundred for mine.Lots of empty seats. There was no parade and hardly any events leading up to the game except for the reps from various clubs. In 2007 it was slightly better,again because of the rest of the league. I question the decision because on such a momentous date in the history of the league, they decide to hold in the least supported city. This could look really bad and I hope it doesn't !

you don't try to make Toronto work by abandoning them, you have to try and get them to come out.

saying "eh, Toronto? pfft." that isn't going to make the fans care any more than they already do.

What piss$d me off is I’m pumped for the Grey Cup.
Having 10 people over.
Then I read crap like this?

Simmons has no proof noboby cares about the Grey Cup.
Surveys done on |CFL interest in Ontario don’t back him up.
TV ratings don’t back him up.
But he writes it anways?

Thing is he’s not the only one of these supposed Toronto sports personalities who masquerade as
national journalists who have written this the past few weeks.
Its obvious these guys have an agenda.
Wouldn’t be surprised if Rogers is paying these guys off.

And one sidenotel
It was reported in an article by DAve Perkins of the Star, hidden near the bottom of his article, that the Bills game in Tornoto
sold a grand total of 29,000 seats. The rest were giveaways.

Yet nary a word from hacks like Simmons?
Imagine if the grey Cup only sold half their seats?
Obvious Toronto isn’t a football town.
And obvious too guys like Simmons and Cox should not be allowed to consider themsleves national journalists.

And one sidenotel
It was reported in an article by DAve Perkins of the Star, hidden near the bottom of his article, that the Bills game in Tornoto
sold a grand total of 29,000 seats. The rest were giveaways.

got a link to this article benji? thanks

....I did a small sampling of the locals in Ottawa.....Was at a local watering hole the other night, where the talk was mostly nfl or ncaa American stuff.....I had a hard time striking-up a conversation about the CFL....However I think there is definite support...The one sports pub i was at has a signed CFL football by Jock Climie sitting on the bar..(his law office is around the cornor)....The fans in Ottawa (the ones i could find) seemed happy about the tearing down of ol Frank Claire (which they are in the process of doing) and are looking forward to the reinstating of the franchise...Some seem oblivious...I think it's always going to be a battle here, trying to reignite the feeling the locals had for the CFL and that goes without saying, the Grey Cup...I know we have an uphill battle in T.O. BUT if the CFL keeps at it in restoring the franchise here in the Capital, it could rejuvenate things in the east.... Lots of work to do on a lot of fronts...Just my take..

It allows people to "fit in" to talk only NFL and NCAA and I get that. It's easy for them. Most people don't want to think about what the CFL means in terms of it's history and symbolism here in Canada and it's roots, takes too much work. Again, I get that. What's weird is that some of these guys who adore NCAA and put down the CFL well some of the guys they were adoring in NCAA are now playing in the CFL. Go figure those sorts out. :?

Fortunately though there are lots of people who do "get" what the CFL is and Canadian football and especially the Grey Cup. Those people, us, are very neat in my books, simply the best.

And many of these NFL supporters do in fact snub their nose at CFL ball claiming it's inferiority status and projection as a second tier league

Well I love the CFL but in terms of it compared with the NFL in just about every way from a quantity point of view and some quality, it is inferior IMHO and is 2nd tier. But really I don't care. It's not that inferior or that 2nd tierish when you combine it with the fact it is ours, Canada's league, that we control and with the history behind the league and especially the game of Canadian football and the Grey Cup. It works for me even as an inferior and 2nd tier league, using these words as others like to concentrate on. Why people can't enjoy both is beyond me if you love football and understand football in Canada. The CFL never has made the claim it's a "major" league and doesn't promote the league as such, which is the right thing. Again I tend to dissociate myself from people who don't get the Grey Cup, Canadian football and the Grey Cup at all. I feel I'm superior enjoying both games and leagues on both sides of the border. :wink:

As well, we have a treasure in CIS football and the Vanier Cup even though it is not Division I level talent compared with the US. Again lots of people don't understand that who simply concentrate on pure talent without putting the talent in a holistic systems aspect of Canada and what Canada is about.

I think I should do some t-shirts up saying "CFL Football - Inferior and 2nd Tier and I Love It!" :wink:

Earl wrote: Well I love the CFL but in terms of it compared with the NFL in just about every way from a quantity point of view and some quality, it is inferior IMHO and is 2nd tier. But really I don't care.
your post was eloquent and well positioned, yet I must digress on this statement of yours Earl.

Why must the CFL be compared to the NFL when it is a different and distinct game…
Contrasting aspects such as field sizes, end zones, roster sizes, player sizes, player versatility, football, downs, perpetual motions, scrimmage lineup, additional points, punt returns and so on and so on should provide sufficient divergence to negate a true comparison.

There is much to differentiate our game from the game south of the border and that is what we as Canadians should embrace and treasure.

Our own game.

Just to re-interate again, Steve Simmons is a clown. Take whatever he says with a grain of salt....better yet just laugh it off.

I don't get what Simmons did wrong here. It's well known that the CFL's toughest market (at least among places with CFL teams) is Southern Ontario. The apathy (or antipathy in many cases, especially in Toronto) here towards the CFL probably applies to the Grey Cup as well, though to a lesser extent, since playoffs attract casual fans in any sport. Is he wrong to point that out? In the rest of the article, he seems displeased with the fact that not enough people here care about the Grey Cup. So am I. I imagine you are too. He wants more people to care. So do I. I imagine you do too. So what did he do wrong?

(And yes, there is data that can back up what he said.)

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. I know it's old but still applies. They have to want to care. As long as the press thinks it's cool to bash the league the people will lap it up because that's how it is.

Remember 2009, Kelly and the press.

One aspect noted with T.O. fans is that hype and glamour appear to resonate with these urbanites.

When Gretzky, Candy and McNall purchased the Argos in the early 90's, the city was abuzz and Argo attendance and media exposure increased dramatically and exponentially, including games over 40,000 patrons.
They were the talk of the town for a couple seasons until the dissolution of the three proprietors due to McNall's bank fraud illegalities.

Each CFL municipality has it's own indigenous culture and reference, including Toronto, and thus may need to be marketed specifically to appeal to such urban metropolitan folks.

What works in a city like Winnipeg will most likely not work in a city like Toronto.
Different mindset. Different micro-culture.

And what about the last GC that was held in T.O that sold out and still to this day holds the record for MOST REVENUE EVER GENERATED by a GC. The next GC in T.O will be great. i can think of nothing better then having people walking around T.O wearing and talking CFL. Lets put the CFL right in the FAce of the people of T.O. I live in T.O we need to get the CFL out front so people can see it. As far as no one watching from southern ONT, i'm sorry but check the TV ratings, you can't get the ratings the GC gets without people from southern ONT watching. Even the fact that the CFL outdraws the NFL when they go head to head in Toronto, does not seems to matter to some medai types. His story would be more credible if he talked about the sport of football in general for southern ONT, but he leads you to think ,well the CFL is struggling the NFL is doing just fine in Southern ONT. We know from the Bills Series of papering the house at the dome, that this is not true.

Fixed that for ya. He will keep writing that stuff as long as people keep reading it.