Ontario Court Justice Throws Out Case - Williams a FA

Farhan Lalji ?@FarhanLaljiTSN Ont Court Justice throws out arbitrators decision in Chris Williams case. #CFL PA declares Williams a free agent. Too late for #NFL? #TiCats
Interesting to say the least. Crybaby got his wishes.

I so don't even give a crap anymore. Hopefully now we will stop hearing about this. He wasn't helping us anyway. From a business perspective I can understand why he wouldn't show any loyalty to the team (ask Knowlton about how "loyal" the team is) but I certainly don't respect how he handled it. If he signs with an NFL team today or tomorrow then the tampering is obvious.

Ontario Court of Justice?
when/how did they get involved in all of this?

oh boy, this could set a very dangerous precedent in favor of players with NFL aspirations to breach CFL contracts.


Earlier this month they asked for a judicial review of the case. Leave it to our courts to make the wrong decision again

Slippery slope! Trickle down effect could be chaos! I'm sure the league will step in legally. It has to.

But it was an arbitrator's decision, not a court of law decision. So basically the court of law is making a decision and that is what they do. An arbitrator's decision isn't a legal one therefore from what I gather?

I guess it is up to the league if they want to appeal the decision. I doubt they will. But this could be a good thing, the process that is. They will review everything with the PA and in the long run, develop a better contract and wording.

And do what -- appeal? Why bother? Teams can avoid this ever happening again simply by following the requirements set out in the CBA -- i.e. if offering a 2+1 deal, make clear that 1+1 is also an option for the player.

On what grounds are you suggesting that the decision must be wrong and therefore the league should "step in"? The Ont Court of Justice presumably made this ruling based on an interpretation of the law. It may be a correct or an incorrect interp -- the only way that would be determined is with an appeal to the court of appeal. I will be very surprised if the league bothers to appeal.

Agree pw. This is one player, that's all, players come and go all the time. The Oilers survived after Wayne Gretzky left the team.

Good point. I jumped to the conclusion that this decision meant players could just jump ship. But I see your point, it was this individual contract & really shouldn't set precedent. Thanks for clearing that up & setting me straight.

Yes this is one player, but it will have players looking for loopholes all over the place. I understand it's a business, but CW used the fact that his agent wasn't certified to get out of his contract and that's really crappy since he was more than happy to have a contract negotiated by that agent. Oh well. It's over and done with.

Cry baby??
come on give the guy a break. This was all about his agent advising him and it was a good move by his agent, this is nothing to do with players looking for contract loopholes, its the lawyers/agents that do that stuff. So lets not blamee him, players have no brains for the legal stuff. CW is a football player and would not be making these decisions himself. Besides, he was easily the best player in the CFL last year and paid a pittance. Good for him. I hope the Ticat sign him to a big contract, we need him as the triple threat guy!!!

There is zero chance of that happening.

I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. Even if he doesn't make it in the NFL after this I doubt he would end up back here.

I hope for Chris Williams sake that he has an NFL Contract in place already through his new agent because if he doesn't teams might be a little leery of signing someone who backs out of contracts when he pleases to and Chris Williams has already set a president in this league for doing just that?

The big point that was in Chris Williams favor was playing in the CFL and on a large field compared to the NFL, just look at Marcus Thigpen he played for the Cats same thing, great returner who later signed with the Miami Dolphins and you haven't heard any great shakes out him lately and the same will happen to Chris Williams he will get a shot at the NFL, I think his size will hold him back at only 150 pounds, he's too small for the NFL and will play on a smaller field and I think Chris Williams will just fade away like most players, sign a deal think he's in heaven, get cut and work at some car wash in New Mexico, because even a starting NFL Salary of $400,000.00 a season doesn't go far these days and I doubt if you will ever see Chris Williams back in the CFL if his efforts fail in the NFL? Chris Williams could have and should have handled his situation more a a professional athlete than as an idiot!!!


not certain this reversal by the OCJ specifically has to do with the 1+1 option, as I seem to recall the Cats previously stating that documentation exists to prove it was offered and submitted to the arbitrator.

The infraction for using an unregistered agent was accepted by all parties however..

I personally wish him the best. Time will tell if he made the best overall decision. There just isn't a crystal ball to tell us what we should do in this life at any point. I wish there was one though!

As I said above - its not CW acting like a cry baby or acting like an idiot. Its his AGENT/LAWYER that has advised him what to do. All CFL players have agents they dont make these decisions themselves Besides when did he act like an idiot?
Football player let someone else handle their contacts, they have very little say in it.
His lawyer/agent would have said you are the best player in the cfl and I am going to guarantee you more money!

I really liked the guy last year and was always impressed by his attitude, the only bemish was his showboatng on one TD last year when he walked in backwards. I think its disgusting the way some fans are treating him because of contact issue.

Pretty good reporting on this matter here; http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55 ... 0423.html#

Includes an excerpt of the ruling from the Judge

All the best Chris Williams! NFL TIME! Chris stood by what he felt was right, and in the end he was!