Ontario allows athletic facilities to open up on a limited basis

Just recently Ontario are starting to open up some of the facilities for sports. What does that mean for the CFL?

Or are they still planning on canceling the season.

Not sure they can make that type of decision without the CFLPA's input.

Or does it change the amount of financial help they are asking for.


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I do apologize for spelling Ontario wrong in the heading.

Too quick on the keyboard.

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The openings are fairly limited in scope ... besides, unless the request for Gov't money was to replace gate revenue so they could have a shortened season, the CFL cannot re-start without normal attendance ... that (IMO) will take many months beyond the government giving permission for stadiums to open.

Not at BMO.

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I'd go to game tomorrow if everything was a it used to be. What we need to happen is have Teresa Tam change her mind again and say we don't need face masks and social distancing doesn't matter.

Social distancing has never been a problem when the Argos play at BMO. And now they have Argos-branded face masks, so maybe MLSE can include one with each ticket purchased.

I have ordered some of those Argo face masks to help promote the Team. Paid a tax to the poor Government so they can use my "tax payer" money to bail out the League. Some taxes are well spent. But I got thinking, maybe people seeing the masks will think the Argos gave them out free using "tax payers" money of course.

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