Onside punts / time management

I thought that in the fourth quarter when down 31 - 18 and with the wind at our backs it would have been the opportune time to try and keep one or two players behind Castillo and try an onside punt on 3rd down. Sergio could have launched a high kick with that wind and given our onside players an opportunity to get under it for a chance at retaining possession which we desperately needed. I remember seeing it last year at home against the Argos and it was a thing of beauty.

Did it not seem like an eternity getting into the end zone on our second TD? That along with all the wasted time taken for the execution of the two point convert was completely exasperating. Time management when down by so much is critical. I have seen this over and over with the Cats over the last couple of seasons. Where is the urgency that I see with other more well prepared and organized teams? Frustrating.

Onside punts..like the the way we did successfully with JR as the special teams boss

Why try an on-side kick with the wind at your back? you try to kick with the wind and keep the other team hemmed in close to their goal line. A high kick gives the opposition a time to get under it and catch it, the high kick would also carry with the wind, an on-side kick against the wind may be smarter.

I remember Jeff pulling out that play a few times and it worked almost always.