Onside kickoffs

Does anyone have any idea how many onside kicks are actually recovered by the kicking team?


Are you talking about having someone onside for a punt, or just on kick-offs?
All kick-offs are onside kicks, so the answer is not very many.
If you mean just short kicks, I don't have a number, but a reasonable number of them are recovered by the kicking team.
If I was to toss out a guess, I'd say maybe 1 in 4? 1 in 5?

Onside kicks is when u kick the ball short and try to recover it! That´s what onside kickoffs are
But anyway I thinks very much more common that the reciving team recover it because they get the ball bounced at them. Its a desperate move like an hail mary. Its hardly never works.

I think its more common that a kicking team recover the ball on a forced fubmle on a regular kickoff

I was trying to clarify what he wanted to know.
But for the sake of that clarity, being onside simply means you are behind the point where the ball is kicked from.
So ALL kick-offs are onside kicks, and any punt can have onside players, and the punter of course is onside.

But I did assume he meant short kicks...but one never knows...