Onside kick by Winnipeg

Was that the coolest easiest little trick play you have ever seen?
caught the TSN camera guys by surprise even. They never had a good replay to show fans.
In all my years I have never seen an onside kick delivered like that.
Pretty cool....as it didn't hurt us when it happened.

That's the borderline cheating stuff a team has to resort to when they stink. Wasn't impressed. Especially with DeAngelis and Craig Dickenson, who reacted like they just won the Super Bowl.

Yeah, DeAngelis reminds me of Martin Grammatica from the NFL who once tore his ACL celebrating a FG.

I loved it. Thought it was great.

But…I liked ours better





Greasy play, by a greasy player, who just so happens to play for a greasy team.


I didn't like it at all, I didn't hear a whistle (obviously there was one, I was just saying) so I thought the ball fell off the tee and he was jogging over to scoop it up and then I see him tap it down field, I was thinking "no way, is this guy seriously that clumsy
that he can't handle putting the ball back on the tee?" I see no Ticats move and him dive on it and then the refs say Winnipeg ball.I was completely baffled at what just happened, not like an "oh they got us, touche" kind of baffled.More of a "how in the hell can that be legal?" baffled.

Trick plays are always high risk, high reward. But this one was higher risk than usual. Had any Ticat players been paying attention, one could have easily scooped up the ball and run twenty or thirty yards downfield before anyone could have touched him.

Our trick play, on the other hand, wasn't really that risky at all. Had LeFevour not been open, Jones (hopefully) wouldn't have thrown it to him. He may have even had a second receiver option. Worst case, Jones gets stuffed for a slight loss.

That's pretty funny

The Cats were called for too many men on the field on that play, but I agree with your risk/reward.

Speaking of penalties, Austin vowed to clean up the penalty situation and it showed last game.

9 penalties for 71 yrds

still sounds like alot, but,
that too many men was a sham,
one was an illegal punt
one was Torrey Davis roughing after a touchdown
one was in the last 15 sec., borderline roughing on the QB

Thought it was a neat play and made sense for the 'Peg in trying to get some momentum. I've never seen that done that way before. Eyes open, guys!

Interesting comments about this play. So.... for the haters, I guess you'd be appalled if the Cats tried it?

Full credit to the Bombers on this one. They didn't break any rules and it worked. We got busted, plain and simple

It didn’t look to me in long distance view that was available that the ball went far enough before being recovered.

He was kicking off from the 35, and didn't touch it until the 47.

And the too many men penalty was on the next play, not on the kickoff. Probably still in confusion over what just happened.

I actually got the feeling from watching the interactions on the Bomber bench afterwards, that the onside kick was entirely Sandro with possibly the "green light" from ST Coach Dickenson to take it if the opportunity arises. I didn't see any other Bomber player or coach have any idea what was happening or had happened! Just Sandro taking a chance & making a play.

Still don't like the twerp, probably even more now, but kudos for doing it! Wish he failed and got cut because of it!?!?

Hate to go against the grain here but that play was ENTIRELY Hamilton's fault for having happened.

The receiving team MUST be ready in advance of the team putting the ball into play. That includes all those upbacks.. I know they're there primarily to block but they HAVE to be prepared for the short kick at all times.

Had it not been for that play and a couple turnovers, the score could have very well been in the ballpark of 60-7..

Agreed. It was only attempted becuase they noticed the TiCats were unprepared.

100% agree. Once you step on the field you must have a heightened awareness of everything going on. Otherwise this stuff happens and you look like a fool. That play should never have happened....never. You can bet Austin will have had words with Reinbold about that one.

Listened to the Bombers "Coach's show" on CJOB last night and it was exactly that. The rest of the Bombers players didn't know it was coming, it was just a play that DeAngelis was given the green light on if he saw the chance.

Could any one tell us the approx. time this play occurred?
Would like to see it but don’t want to go through the whole
quarter on VOD to find it…Thanks, much appreciated

2 min 6 sec. left in 2nd Qtr.