Onrea/Dan Touchdown

Hey guys, I was wondering if anywhere I could find a video of this Touchdown pass I would like to show it to a friend as that was something awesome and I'd love to just see it again! If anyone can hook me with a link to a video or something that'd be awesome, but if there isn't one out yet if there is a best plays of week 8 I am hoping it's in there!

If anyone can find one or not for me thanks anyways.

TSN Site. Video on demand.

They have the game broken down into quarters for you.

Thank you very much!

Here it is...

[url=http://video.tsn.ca/?dl=cfl-gamesondemand/null/1/0/137809/video/142]http://video.tsn.ca/?dl=cfl-gamesondema ... /video/142[/url]

Here's a link to the play itself.


That was a great play... well executed