Only "The Chief's Personality is like Belli's

Reading Ken "Jeepers Creepers" Peters article
in the Hamilton Spectator click here it looks like

Cat GM Marcel Desjardins hopes McKay-Loescher
can be a role model for all his team-mates

with his play on the field as well in the Cat locker room.

If he can just lead by example on the Defensive line
he will have surpassed what Adriano Belli tried to do
the year after Joe Montford and Johnny Scott left
and totally gave up on before the 2006 season started.

This description even reminds me of Joe Montford.

"For a guy his size he moves around very well.

He has a motor on him and
you can see, he likes to play,
he has fun playing the game.

He is going to bring a different dimension.
He'll be a difference-maker," Desjardins said.

im pumped to see him play, is there any video of him on the net from previouse seasons?

I'm sad to see him gone from the Leos, 'cause he sure was a force to be reckoned with on the D-line.

hey hwgill does ur website or anybody u kon on the lions side have any video of him from last season??

He had that fumble recovery last year that he ran back for a touchdown.

Hamilton is getting a good player!

I don't have anything, Blitz, but if you check out the site, you may find something there.

This kid will be the cornerstone of your dline for years to come, great pu by Marcel.

Bomber fans on have 'torrents'

Ask for the .. "Mike Quinn Statue of Liberty" play


Is that his #?? 9? I don't like it when linemen have #'s outside the usual. Not a big deal really, just a pet peeve

Billy, you are thinking NFL. No number requirements for defense in the CFL.

(And I can't figure out why it matters on defense in the NFL...Statik, do you know???)

Oh i know there isn't requirements, but there is convention.