Only the acquiring of the #1 F.G. player will convince me!

Sorry but i don't think OBIE is the right choice.
I no doubt think he can improve this team.
But not fast enough for me.
We need someone like Brendan Taman who has alot of drive and Hustle to improve this team quickly.
I like tradition and i what to see our ten year
grey Cup win tradition continue.
It won't happen with OBIE's 3-5 year plan.

OK LET's SEE. If OBIE can snag the #1 choice
Free Agent Player this spring I may change my mind.
But I don't think he can do it.

Stay Tuned!!

LET's SEE. If OBIE can snag the #1 choice
Free Agent Player
..and that is?[

[url=] ... setta.html[/url]

Young Americans who have big years and have the option to try out for interested American teams tend to do so. Period. Fact of life.

The Chiefs are using John (I'm not Art) Carney as a stopgap...Setta might be a nice fit there. If the Cats can compete with KC money in signing a kicker under our SMS, I'd like to see that action. LMAO

The fact that Jon Ryan -- a Canadian lad -- chose to play out his option with the Bombers to try out for the Packers' punting job and stick...did that make your man Taman a nincompoop?

Didn't think so.

Note that Setta is entering the player option year of his contract. He cannot be picked up by any other CFL team until the February 2009 FA window as long as his contract on this side of the border remains in force by not being traded or released.

Oski Wee Wee,

Who? Whi should we get? Taman is signed, we can’t have him. I love when people come on and post “I dont like this decision, I don’t like that decision” but yet dont offer up exactly what they would do and why.

Let's take a look at that Taman "rocket to the top," shall we?

Taman was hired by Dave Ritchie in 1999. He served as VP of player personnel before assuming his GM duties on November 19, 2003. ... 31119.html

Bombers records since 1999 (source

1999 6-12 (4th East)
2000 7-10-1 (3rd East)
2001 14-4 (1st East) (lost GC to Calgary 27-19 in Mtl)
2002 12-6 (2nd West)
2003 11-7 (2nd West)
2004 7-11 (4th West) << as GM
2005 5-13 (5th West) << as GM
2006 9-9 (3rd West) << as GM
2007 10-7-1 (2nd East) << as GM (lost in GC to Saskatchewan 23-19 in T.O.)

81-79-2 since 1999
31-40-1 since Nov. 2003 WITH TAMAN AS GM

  • 2 Grey Cup appearances with Taman, one (2001) while serving in player personnel, one (2007) as GM -- both losses
  • missed playoffs the first two years as Bomber GM

This is the man who brought The Whizzenator (Onterrio Smith) to the CFL. For every hire/pickup that has clearly worked (Berry as HC, Glenn as QB, Simpson at MLB), there have also been some headscratchers. People may remember that pre-Kryies Hebert, the Bombers were playing converted receivers at safety because they couldn't lure Anders Hedberg or Bobby Hull's toupee circa 1977 out of retirement to do a better job.

So let's have a sense of perpective on what Taman is about. Decent GM in general, but not in the Buono-Popp-Rita stratum yet.

I would put Obie's capacity to unearth talent against Taman's any day of the week. Period.

[url=] ... sc&start=0[/url] Notable QB backups found by player-personnel heads of Winnipeg and BC, (2004-2007):

Taman: Brad Banks (trade), Kliff Kingsbury (trade), Russ Michna (FA), Zac Taylor (FA), Spergeon Wynn (trade from BC), Tee Martin (FA), Mike Quinn (FA) and that Dinwiddie guy.

Obie: Casey Printers (FA), Buck Pierce (FA), Jarious Jackson (FA), Gino Guidugli (FA)

ROTFLMFAO momentarily at that comparison. I kept having to name the Bomber QBs, trying to find a gem, but alas! :wink:

Obie's 3-to-5 year plan in comparison?? He just goes to his safety deposit box at the bank every couple of years and chucks in another Grey Cup ring... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Good points, all, but I have yet to see a confirmation that OBIE is the guy... There were radio announcements galore, talking about a news conference today, etc. I am not aware of a news conference being held - so is this CONFIRMED?
Maybe we should wait till the OFFICIAL announcement???
The Eagle - :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

It OFFICIAL Just announced on CHML

..and that is?[
Chip Cox!

I think if we can get Cox and Miles then add an american rookie right tackle and find a solid pass rushing defensive tackle we'll then be all set. There is no 3-5 year plan. And I really like Armour but signing Cox and Miles is much more important right now.

…and that is?[
At the moment it looks like TOM CANADA but I
would like Obie to steal Arland Bruce III from
the argo’s or trade for one of Winnipegs
1000 yd receivers.

Bye the way i never said Obie dosn’t have a
great past. but i’m suspect of what he can do
in the future. Taman is younger and will
accomplish just as much in the future.

Just fill in the blanks, its all been said before!

Time will tell my friends.