Only Questions I Have Going Into Tonight?

As i prepare for the elements and get ready to head down to the Stadium for what should be a great game and an inspired Bomber team, as this is TRULY a MUST WIN GAME and should be treated as a PLAYOFF game and i believe the Bombers will come out fighting like so and come away with a WIN.

The only questions i have about our coaching, GM and Roster tonight is: WHY THE HECK IS BEAN STILL ON THIS TEAM? WHY IS HE PLAYING THE CORNER INSTEAD OF AMOS? Bean has proven at the beginning of the year (before his injury) that he flat out stinks. He comes back and what happens, he blows coverage like a high school CB and STILL STINKS. I strongly believe AMOS earned the right to start at CB, and Bean earned the right to, well GET CUT.

Why i ask, is Bean playing again tonight? The guy stinks!!

should also keep Samuels at HB. not CB. BUT the move still might prove me wrong, maybe Johnson at HB will work.

BUT again, BEAN, for crying out loud!!

...I agree on Bean....if he doesn't cover better ...Joseph , if given enough time, will beat us on that cornor....I don't know if Amos is playing at 100% due to injury...but he's an all-star in the making....Berry probably hasn't got any choice but to play Bean,,,MAYBE ,Mr. Bean will surprise us and pick-off a couple...he had that ability when he first started with the Bombers.....hopefully it will return... :roll: :roll:

I thought I read Willie Amos was injured which is why he won't be in the for any concerns about the replacement Robert Bean, I wouldn not worry too much. Every time the Argos face a team with a possible weakness on defence, they tend not to attempt to exploit it.

Amos has a bad hamstring...expected back next game though...

Awesome thanks for the update, i wasn't aware he was injured, can't wait to see him back and Bean sitting out.